Getting Shredded With Jillian Michaels (Part 4)

Getting Shredded With Jillian Michaels (Part 4)

Its Saturday once again and I’m in a right happy mood, and that’s because I have lost 4lbs on the scales today… Woop Woop!  Anyway what about Jillian Michaels 30 day shred?

I’m still loving Jillian, truth is I think I’m addicted to her lol…But surely that’s a good addiction wouldn’t you say?  Last week started brilliantly I didn’t really let Easter get in the way of things.  Thanks to Jillian I now feel strong enough to start running, so I dusted off the old trainers and started hitting the pavements in the morning while Jillian kicked my butt into shape each evening.  Think i’m a sucker for punishment.

It seems like I have been shredding forever, and the improvement in my health and fitness feels great.  Although I started last week well, I did miss 2 days of shredding due to other commitments, however I’m still happy with the outcome.  The days that I did shred was mixed up of levels 1 and 2.  The reason for that being… I have my OH doing it and he struggles a bit with level 2, therefore can happily say I am now fitter than him.  You see… A few months ago I couldn’t keep up with him when we were out running about with the kids, but  Jillian has done a fab job of getting me fit.

Results This Week Are…

As usual I measure myself every Saturday morning, this weeks results weren’t too impressive but overall I’m still pleased especially with the 4lbs weight loss.  My clothes are fitting better and my overall confidence is building so i’m a happy bunny.  This weeks results…

Waist – 0 loss, total lost to date 4″
Hips – 0 loss, total lost to date 3″
Bust – 0 total lost to date 1.25″
Thighs – 0.5″ loss, total lost to date 3.5″
Arms – 1/4″ loss, total lost to date 2″

As I mentioned earlier this weeks results are not that great but the overall figures to date are good.  What I have also notice is that last week my arms stayed the same but improved this week, and the one area that’s improve each week is my thighs, and that’s an area that needs great improvement in my view so I’m chuffed.

Right…  I think that’s about it for this week.  Definitely still one of my favorite workout DVD’s and still one that I would highly recommend if your considering working out in the comfort of your home.  Jillian Michaels 30 day shred is a definite if you want to see quick changes in fitness levels and body shape.  A 5/5 from me x

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