Imogen Thomas Lose Weight With Slimsticks

Imogen Thomas Lose Weight With Slimsticks

The former Big Brother star, and Welsh model has shed the pounds with the help of Slimsticks, and in doing so has become the new face of the weight loss product.

So what are Slimsticks? Quoted from Slimsticks website “Slimsticks is a natural weight-loss and weight-management aid that is proven to control your appetite and help you feel fuller during the day.”

Slimsticks are made up of a specific mix of oat and palm oil. It takes around 3-4 hours to move from your stomach to your lower intestine, where it then sends messages to the brain telling you, you feel full. It’s suppose to help curb your appetite and the effect can last for up to 8 Hours. Yes that’s right you can put off hunger for up to 8 hours using this product.

Written by Ryan Love and posted on Digital Spy this is what Imogen Thomas had to say…

Imogen Thomas Loses Weight And Become The New Face Of Slimsticks

”My problem is that I absolutely love food so I find it difficult to control my weight. I have tried many diets but never stuck to them because they stop me eating the foods that I like,” Thomas said.

“Then someone suggested trying Slimsticks. I hadn’t heard about it but after looking on their website, I thought I’d give it a go, especially as Slimsticks is natural and had no side-effects.

”After a few days I started to notice that I was not craving as much chocolates and puddings after dinner. I also stopped thinking about food so I wasn’t grabbing crisps and snacks in between meals.

“That tends to be a big problem for me especially if I am rushing around in between photoshoots or meetings.” You can read the original story here.

Don’t we all love food, and sure some of us like it more than others, but turning to appetite suppressants, is that the answer to eating less?

It seems that Imogen is fully endorsing this product, but one has to wonder is this just another leap forward to grow her celebrity status and put some extra cash in her pocket, I wonder. Half the time companies like Slimsticks use celebrities like this to reach a wider audience.

Slimsticks claims to be an all-natural, healthy product with no side effects. Let me ask you one thing, starving off hunger pangs for up to 8 hours is that normal? Not in my book. The way I understand this product is you will lose weight because you will stop eating. For me loosing weight this way is not healthy.

So what happens when you stop taking this product?? Oh dear I dread to think, why don’t they put their energy into educating people more on healthy eating as oppose to how to starve themselves to lose weight.

Am I being too negative about this product? Do you think differently? Please leave your comments below, and don’t forget to give it a “LIKE” if you enjoyed reading it.

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