What Makes A Healthy Well Balanced Diet?

What Makes A Healthy Well Balanced Diet?

healthy-dietWhen it comes to healthy eating, we all have our own interpretations of what makes a healthy well balanced diet, and to be fair there is no real right or wrong way. Well that’s what I think anyway. It’s what works for you. For some of us following a low calorie, low fat diet will help us lose weight while some of us might prefer a low carb, high protein diet.
Its finding what works for your body. The two key elements for a healthy well balanced diet are keeping the balance right by eating a wide variety of food and eating enough food to sustain your active lifestyle.
A good variety of foods should include all major food groups, so…

  • Plenty of fruits and vegetables, aim for at least five different portions.
  • Include fish a couple of times a week. Oily fish such as salmon, mackerel and tuna contains good fatty acids and helps keep the body healthy.
  • Some starchy foods like potatoes rice and pasta.  When choosing this food group go for wholegrain types where possible.  Also note that although there is nothing wrong with eating potatoes choosing sweet potato is an even healthier choice.
  • Milk and diary, these are a good source of calcium and protein and the body needs this to help repair and build tissue. This food group should be eaten in small qualities due to the higher fat content.
  • Lean meat/poultry, eggs and beans are all a good protein source, and when these foods are eaten they help to keep you fuller for longer.
  • Good fats. The fact is we need fat, it helps with the absorption of nutrients into the body. However again moderation is key, too much consumed will lead to weight gain.  Good fats to consider adding to your diet are nuts, avocado, oily fish and olive oil.  Eaten in the right quantities these fats can help you lose weight.
  • And a small amount of high fat/sugar foods.  Its food that have high levels of sugar, saturated and Trans fats that contribute to weight gain and an unhealthy body, so foods containing these should be limited.

At the end of the day its finding what works for you and being sensible about the amount you eat.  At the moment I’m trying to include more healthy fats in my diet so for me more fish, avocado and the most recent one, milled linseed which, is also a great source of fibre.  Its weigh day for me tomorrow so let’s see if its working.
I would love to read your opinions on what make a healthy diet so please leave your comments below.


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