Weight Loss Tips To Help You Stay On Track During The Cold Season

Weight Loss Tips To Help You Stay On Track During The Cold Season

This time of the year must be the hardest for anyone trying to lose weight, well it is for me anyway. All I want to do is snuggle up on the sofa with my duvet and a great big mug of thick, creamy hot chocolate and watch my favourite soaps, and if I’m honest, I do sometimes… shhhh don’t tell anyone though.

I mean, really? Who wants to eat salad and go for a run in weather like this? What would you prefer… Hot chocolate and duvet or a rumbling tummy and a frosty nose? Yeah that’s what I thought you’d choose.

Okay, you know I don’t really mean that… Yes it is bloody cold and miserable outside, and outside runs and salads don’t sound much like fun. But that’s when you need to adapt, this is winter and winter calls for comforting food, and comforting food doesn’t have to be unhealthy.

Just have a look around on this blog and you’ll find loads of healthy recipes for this time of year. As for exercise, you could get yourself a home workout DVD. These are just some ideas to get you through the cold season.

Then there is all the hustle and bustle that comes with getting ready for Christmas, not to mention all the festive delights that will be waiting to tempt you round every corner you turn. But eh, you are strong, you are wise and you have worked to hard to throw it all away. So prepare and plan to eat healthy, of course the odd sherry and mince pie isn’t going to do a great deal of harm either. The magic word is moderation.

As for squeezing in the odd bit of exercise when you can, here are some interesting but effective tips taken from Femalefirst.co.uk

3 Fitness Tips For The Festive Season

Go Christmas Shopping – Dashing around the bustling shops doesn’t have to be a chore. Evenly distribute all those weighty bags and it can help to burn off at least 150 calories per hour.

Queue clench – Use your time wisely when waiting to queue. Squeeze your buttocks together, hold for five seconds, and then release. Repeat 10 times for a perfectly tight and toned derriere.

Be a disco diva – Dancing is a great way to get your heart rate pumping and burn off all those extra Christmas calories so create your favourite playlist and have fun. Read the full article here.

Those are some fun fitness activities you can take advantage of, not just Christmas but all year round.

Can you think of any fitness activities that are sitting right under our noses? If so, why not share them below so we can all benefit.

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