How Many Brits Are Dealing With Their Weight Problem

How Many Brits Are Dealing With Their Weight Problem

Alarming results revealed that more than half of Brits are trying to lose at least a stone in weight and a quarter of the adult population are trying to shift two stone. Seeing these figures didn’t came as too much of a shock, sadly. Still it got me thinking why, why are we so fat, how did we end up in this state. After thinking about it for a while I can only assume it’s down to two things, the lack of exercise and the lack of a healthy, stable diet.

The lack of exercise and the love, or should I say the reliant on fast/junk food has made Britain fat, harsh statement I know, but one we need to come to terms with because it’s true. We live in a society that is so fast paced, that our focus on survival has left us blind sighted to the most important component of our survival, our health.

We hustle and bustle every day to make ends meet, to put a roof over our heads and food on the table, as to speak. But ironically we find very little time to prepare and eat a healthy nutritious meal, and exercise, well who’s got time for that.

Then there’s the other side of the spectrum, the couch potato, for what ever reason and again I believe it’s the pressure of society that put him there, the world has become too much to face, so he lazes about watching TV whiles snacking on Junk food.

But then our survival instincts kick in, woken by the reality of what we see in the mirror or what we see on the scales. Damn you weight I will get rid of you, determent, enthusiastic and disgusted with ourselves we go in search of a weight loss solution.

But being the impatient creatures we are, we want to shift that weight fast, so instead of trying to lose weight slowly by adopting a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, which would increase our chances of the weight staying off, no instead most of us go in search for the quick weight loss solution.

To give you an example of the extremes some of us will go to, to shift the unwanted weight fast, the following is the results from a study carried out on more than 1000 adults and posted on

The Lengths Brits Will Go To, To Lose Weight Fast

The study probed the lengths we are prepared to go to in order to lose weight- worryingly, it found one in ten would try a liquid diet.

Many more said they would consider weight loss methods usually reserved for the clinically obese or medically in danger because of their weight problem.

Almost one in ten would consider liposuction, one in 14 would look at having a gastric band fitted, while one in 25 would consider stomach stapling.

It also emerged more than 80% of people struggle to stick to a diet, with 28% of 16-24 year olds trying a new diet MONTHLY.

Even the over 55s are at it, with 5% of them are trying a new diet every four weeks, while close to half blame willpower for not being to lose weight on diets. You can read the full article covering the study here.

It’s a struggle to lose weight, I admit, and I understand the feelings and motivations that causes people to want to take these type of actions to lose weight, but what they must never lose sight of is their health, and most if not all of these actions are health damaging, I mean a liquid diet, come on.

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice and I will say it a million times, a healthy, nutritious diet that is packed with all the food groups and plenty of exercise is the way to go.

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