Start As You Mean To Carry On

Start As You Mean To Carry On

Pic by o5com

Pic by o5com

Well with the start of a brand new year there is no time like the present to set yourself a few small goals to get to the big one.  So I’m gonna start by setting myself a small goal of losing 7lbs by Valentines Day.

Yes that’s like 6 weeks away but a slow steady loss of a pound a week will get me there, I know that its possible to do it in a month but I thought its best not to put to much pressure on myself, it will be a bonus if I do it in less time

So the last few days I got back in the zone, I’m on it 100% and I want to make this my year to get to target.  What is my target?  Well I’m currently wearing a size 16 having moved on from a size 18/20 but I’m not happy, I will be when I’m wearing a size12.

And if I’m honest with myself this will probably mean that I would need to lose another 2-3 stone (42pounds).  I just so happen to be one of the unlucky few that need to lose massive amounts of weight before I shift into the next dress size.

Anyway, the plan that I have sketched out in my head to achieve my target by the end of the year is to eat clean.  No more artificial sweeteners and processed crap, swapping frylight for olive oil, adding more variety to meals and better planning of meals.

As of January 2nd I will be starting a 30 day exercise challenge you are welcome to join me on this one.  Quite simple really, for 30 days straight commit yourself to 30 minutes of exercise of your choice this can be walking, running, swimming or like me I’m challenging myself to the 30 day shred by Jillian Michaels.

I will be sharing what I eat and any recipes to go with it, so far today I started with fresh fruit and a glass of water, lunch was scrambled eggs, lean bacon, mushrooms, beans and balsamic glazed cherry tomatoes, with wholemeal toast and a coffee.  For tea I have decided on pan-fried cod fillet with new potatoes and freshly steamed veggies with a tomato-based sauce.

So far there hasn’t been a need for snacks but if there is I have some Golden Delicious and melon on standby.  I find that keeping my body hydrated prevents me from unnecessary snacking so aiming to drink at least 2 litres of water each day.

I’m hoping that by writing and sharing my experience with you this will help me and you achieve our goals this year, along with giving each other support so your comments and feedback is most welcomed 🙂

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