Make exercise part of your healthy living plan

Make exercise part of your healthy living plan

pink_dumbbellsExercise has always been part of my lifestyle although it’s somewhat sporadic at times, seeing that I am on a mission to turn my life around this year committing a little more time to exercising was high on my agenda.  As of today I have challenged myself and you to completing 30 minutes of exercise each day for 30 days.

Remember don’t start any extreme exercise regime without first consulting your Doctor.  For many, exercise might be something new therefore it’s important to seek medical advice first and then gradually build up your routine.

Over the years we create many habits some good and some, well not so good.  Exercise should be one of the good habits we create.  Although some people will say it takes 30 days of doing something consistently to create a habit you will need a little willpower too.

Now willpower is a tough one to crack it’s like a whirlpool that drains away each day and then gets replenish at night.  We rely on it a lot and sometimes gets let down by it because we don’t see result as quickly as we would like.  To overcome this we need to rely less on willpower and put a plan of action in place.

All good habits needs planning, just as you plan your meals each day or week the same goes for exercise, break your plan down into actionable steps.  An example of this would be prioritising a time of day, know what goals you want to achieve by completing your exercise regime so again increasing repetitions or walking a little further in the same given time.  Visualise that you have already mastered the habit of exercise this will help you rely less on willpower.

Always be ready to challenge yourself, as you work towards the goals that you set yourself be prepared to encounter problems, so in this instance create a plan that will get you out of a situation, example if your are in a difficult situation where its not possible to complete your exercise at a given time how will you respond.

And lastly you need to stick with it, remember there is no 30 day guarantee but if you stick with it long enough you will see change, and change is good.

So as I mentioned yesterday my 30 day exercise challenge is Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, because I have the kids at home this week, this will be done once they are in bed, but as of next week I will be doing it in the mornings.  So tomorrow you will have a full report on my first day.

Right, time to summarise my overall day, after a late start because the kids decide to have a lie in I started the morning with 2 slices of wholemeal toast, a banana and a coffee.  Because I had promise the kids an afternoon out we had lunch in a café and sticking to being healthy I opted for a jacket potato with beans and a side salad.  For tea I’m having wholemeal pasta with roasted veggies and leftover tomato sauce from yesterday sprinkled with a little cheese.  Not very exciting but I like it

So how was your day, have you got back on plan or planning to do so soon? Please leave your comments below I look forward to reading about your day too x


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