Simple Breathing Exercise To Lose Weight

Simple Breathing Exercise To Lose Weight

If you have been following this blog for a while, you’ll know that I have covered many topics on losing weight, such as exercise, having the right mindset and of course healthy eating. But today I want to talk to you about a simple breathing exercise to lose weight.

Yes, you did hear that right, recently I learnt that you can control your breathing in a way that results in weight loss. This exercise known as Oxycise is very simple, takes only minutes out of your day, requires no fancy gym equipment, can be done in the comfort of your home and it’s claimed to be very effective too.

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Deep Breathing – Simple Breathing Exercise To Lose Weight

Deep breathing: This is a simple and most commonly done exercise. You just need to take out 15-20 minutes time from your daily routine. Deep breathing increases the intake of oxygen and this helps burn down calories. During stress, cortisol increases and this leads to a hormonal imbalance. You feel hungrier and food cravings harm your diet plan. When your appetite increases, you eat more and the calories that you consume turns into fat. By practising simple deep breathing exercise, you control stress hormones and food cravings. Sit straight on the ground or chair. Keep your hands on the lap and close your eyes. Meditate for 2-4 minutes and breathe normally. Then start taking deep breaths. Count 1-4 while inhaling and 1-6 while exhaling. Repeat for 10-15 minutes to get up fresh and relaxed.

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Sometimes I think we forget that every part and every function of our bodies need to work in unison, we simply take for granted what makes us, us. I mean, if your car’s exhaust was damaged you would fix it right, because your car would under perform, well your car’s exhaust works similar to your respiratory system, yet we fail to acknowledge the importance our respiratory system has on our performance.

Now you understand how concentrating on your breathing and performing this simple breathing exercise will have a positive impact on your weight loss, I hope you’ll be able to find 15 mins each day to squeeze it into your daily routine, which should include healthy eating and physical exercise too.

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