How To Overcome Your Weight Loss Excuses

How To Overcome Your Weight Loss Excuses

We all have them “Weight loss excuses” that is, I can’t cook a healthy meal today I just don’t have the time; a microwave dinner will have to do. Oh my family is so unsupportive, how am I suppose to stick to a healthy diet, when all they do is eat trash all day long in front of me.

It’s so easy to come up with excuses that will prevent us from losing weight. When you use an excuse, you’re telling yourself it’s not your fault you’re failing, it’s someone else or something else to blame.

Using an excuse makes you feel better about your decision for that moment, but when you wake in the morning realizing that you have gained weight, you’re left with a feeling of disappointment, maybe even a little depressed, which can lead to even more excuses, and now you’re trapped in a downward spiral.

So let’s overcome these excuses once and for all, so that you can stop making excuses and start losing weight. The following practical solutions were provided by the Huffington Post.

Practical Solutions To Overcome Your Weight Loss Excuses

1. I Don’t Have Time
You’ll never find the time, so you must CREATE the time. Wake up earlier (I know you’re tired — so am I in the mornings). Give up something that sucks your time (like TV or computer). As soon as you create the time to exercise you’ll feel better, experience increased energy, and have more endurance. You’ll be amazed the time you can create with increased energy!

2. I Can’t Afford To Eat Healthy Or Go To The Gym
This is real. The numbers just don’t work. I get it; however, I won’t accept it. I have good news for you: You don’t need to spend one dime on exercise equipment. Your home is filled with tools you can use. Things like canned goods or a gallon of water can be used as weights. Also, you have a body! Use it!

Now, what about healthy food being so expensive? Look at what you’re spending now. Things like soda, candy, chips, cookies, ice cream, and baked goods are expensive too. Did you know that produce is cheaper than ANY other food per serving? Did you know that healthy, lean protein sources like whey and eggs cost just pennies per serving? Eating healthy can actually be much more affordable than your current lifestyle! NOTE: Considering the long-term cost of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer… you can’t afford NOT to live a healthy lifestyle.

3. It’s Too Hard
Isn’t being overweight hard, too? It takes a toll on you physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually every day. I know it does. Life is hard. Everyone’s is. You’ve just got to choose which hard you want… obesity or transformation.

4. It Is Uncomfortable
Yep. But you are stronger than you think, and you can take more than you think. Believe it. Your life will change when you become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

5. I Love To Eat
So do I! I eat five times a day. If you want to lose weight you MUST EAT! And who says you can’t eat the foods you like? The trick is all in timing, portioning, and combining.

Get 5 more practical tips here.

Okay those are some great tips, but there’s still something missing… BELIEF! Yes you need to believe in yourself, search deep inside yourself, find that belief, conjure up that willpower, throw it into the mix and you will be an unstoppable weight loss machine 🙂

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