Massage Can Help You Lose Weight

Massage Can Help You Lose Weight

If you’ve experienced a good massage you know how relaxing and revitalising it can be, if you’ve had massage therapy you know how powerful it can be. An old friend of mine specialises in Shiatsu, which is a Japanese style Massage that focuses on applying pressure with fingers, palms and especially thumbs.

I won’t go into depth about Shiatsu, if you want to learn more about it do a search on the Internet, you’ll find many write-ups on it. However I’ll share my personal experience with it, many years ago I was suffering with a really bad back pain, to the point I couldn’t even stand.

My friend performed Shiatsu on me, which literally knocked me out because it was so relaxing, after an hour of sleep I woke feeling one hundred percent, I was totally gob smacked, amazed and a true believer in the power of massage.

So when I discovered today that massage can help you lose weight, it didn’t come as much of a surprise, it was more of a ah ha moment.

Below is part of the article that explains it all, taken from

Discover How Massage Can Help You Lose Weight

Relaxation and stress relief are benefits of getting a massage; but did you know that proper massage therapy could also help you lose weight, deal with emotional stress and even help your body cleanse itself? Those were benefits outlined by massage therapist Cui Ping Sun, who practises massage and aroma therapy at the Pivot Point Academy in Port-of-Spain. She initially studied beauty therapy and massage in China, but went back to school to specialise in aroma and massage therapy as she appreciated the health benefits it gave to her clients. “There are different types of massages that benefit the body in different ways,” said Sun. For instance, she explained that the Swedish massage, which utilises a variety of massaging techniques, could be used for physical therapy:
“It penetrates deep into the muscle and can help relieve muscle spasms and aches because we knead into the muscle to relax it.
“Most people use the Swedish massage to deal with back pains, stiff neck, muscle pains and sometimes, just to relax.
“It is also good to help you lose weight because it works your fat and muscle tissue.”
“There is the lymphatic massage, which is basically a detoxifying treatment.” Continue the article here.

In recent years massage as an alternative medicine has been more accepted into western culture, still many are sceptical until they have experienced it first hand. I myself was a bit sceptical too until I encountered the experienced I shared above. I have since seen the power of massage successfully treated another condition too, but that can be a story for another day 🙂

What about you, do you think massage could help you lose weight or are you still sceptical? I would really love to know, or maybe you have a massage experience that you would like to share, I would be interested in hearing that too, just comment below.

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