How To Enjoy Your Favourite Food Guilt Free And Lose Weight

How To Enjoy Your Favourite Food Guilt Free And Lose Weight

We all have are favourite food, and I bet your favourite food is one that would easily pile on the pounds after just one night of dining. Is it a curry, is a pizza or is your favourite food the sweet kind, like a deliciously rich, moist, chocolate cake, am I close? I bet I’m not far off.

Now, sure nothing taste as good as the real deal, but a few adjustments and you can easily come up something healthier and taste very similar if not better than the real deal. For example, taking your favourite pizza topping and putting it on top of a wrap instead, or cooking your own curry with healthier ingredients such as lean meats and leaving out the oil and cream.

As for the chocolate cake, well nothing really beats a moist, decadent chocolate cake, but you can opt for something more healthier instead, something that still satisfies that sweet craving, low fat chocolate chip brownies springs to mind… Mmmm, they do taste good.

So, you get the idea. All it takes is a little understanding of what foods are healthy mixed with your imagination and creativity, and you’ve got yourself a guilt free version of your favourite food.

Do you love a good bacon sarnie?  What a stupid question, of course you do. Well here’s how you take the sin out of your bacon sarnie… Click the link below.

Bacon Sandwich (Pic by Mcgeddon taken from Wikipedia)


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