Nigella Lawson Lost Weight By Eating Doughnuts And Deep Fried Chocolate

Nigella Lawson Lost Weight By Eating Doughnuts And Deep Fried Chocolate

There has been a lot of talk about Nigella Lawson of lately, about how stunning the 52-year old celebrity cook looks after having lost weight, and then there’s her new TV series on healthy cooking, which has gotten a lot of attention, especially from dieters looking to pick up the odd healthy cooking tip or two.

Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to see any of her new TV series myself, but I’m sure other than Nigella rustling up a good old healthy dish, she’s also appearing as if she’s sexually attracted to her food, which gives her multiple satisfactions 🙂

Okay, if you know anything about Nigella it’s probably her love of food, she makes it quite obvious, and if you’ve seen any of her previous TV show you’ll know the food she’s most fond of, the kind that’s not so kind… To your waistline.

So when I saw this article today where she revealed that doughnuts and deep fried chocolate is part of her dieting regime, I wasn’t to surprise but intrigued, intrigued to know how on earth did she managed to lose weight eating food like this. If you too are intrigued to know how Nigella Lawson managed to lose weight and look fab whiles eating fattening foods, continue reading below…

Taken from the Mail Online.

Nigella Lawson’s Dieting Secret Includes Doughnuts And Deep Fried Chocolate

Nigella Lawson (Image from Wikipedia by Phil Guest

She’s wowed fans with her increasingly slender appearance over the past few months.

But instead of cutting out a food group, or drastically reducing the amount of calories she consumes, Nigella Lawson adopted a novel approach to losing weight.

The 52-year-old domestic goddess revealed that she counts doughnuts and deep fried chocolate among her diet secrets, and credits drinking lot of water for helping her shed the pounds.

Speaking at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, Nigella said: ‘I’m a great believer in fat, I like any doughnut that’s going.

‘I like anything in batter or that is deep fried. My view is that you moisturise from the inside.’

Nigella added that she had tried a Mars bar, and even come up with her own recipe for a deep fried Bounty bar, revealing: ‘I have not only had a deep fried Mars Bar, I have also done a recipe for deep fried Bounty. Very delicious. Typically tropical.’

The stunning brunette also revealed that she drinks three litres of water per day, adding: ‘I am what the Daily Mail call an aquaholic! Full article here.

So Nigella chooses to still indulge in a naughty treat from time to time, and why not, it might not be the healthiest thing to eat and it’s not the normal recommendation for anyone trying to lose weight. But the odd treat from time to time is not going to do that much damage, especially if it’s something you really fancy, why torture yourself? After all you’re more likely to stick to your diet if it’s not too strict.

“Moisturise from the inside” Mmm, not to sure about that statement, remember fatty, sugary foods are still unhealthy and should only be consume in moderation, or if you really can, go with out. I think Nigella Lawson’s real secret to her weight loss is the amount of water she drinks.

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