Advice From The Experts

Advice From The Experts

Do You Want “FREE Weight Loss Advice” From 7 Of The Worlds Leading Experts In The Health And Fitness Industry?

As part of the launch of “Lose Weight Look Fab”  7 leading experts in the health and fitness niche were interviewed. No matter if you’re just getting started to losing weight, or maintaining a healthy fit body, I’m sure you’ll find what they have to say very interesting and helpful.

Each expert was asked the same three questions each. You can read their answers by clicking on the link of the question that most interest you below, or you could read them in order, which is what I highly recommend.

Q1 – “Faddy Diets” what are your view on quick fix diets, especially when you read about celebrities endorsing them.

Q2Nutrition is important for our well-being do you believe that enough is being done to educate people to help prevent obesity.

Q3“Fitness” what’s your approach on fitness and how would you best advise a person just getting started.

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