Okay, this is the third and last question I asked the health and fitness experts. The previous questions were based around diets and nutrition, but if you want to really experience full health, you need to work on your fitness too.

I for one was guilty of not doing enough exercise, I recently have made more of an effort. But I know many of you struggle to just get started, so I asked our panel of experts…

“Fitness” what’s your approach on fitness and how would you best advise a person just getting started.

simon lovellSimon Lovell Health & fitness expert to Marie Claire, Women’s Fitness, The
BBC – author of The Lunch Box Diet www.lunchboxdiet.co.uk

The first thing to do is just get started. Pick something you’ll enjoy doing and let that be your first step. Then you can progress on. One biggest mistakes is not tracking your progress. As long as you can see how you’ve progressed from week one onwards, that’s how you build up on your successes. Always build in interval based training as well as a full body weights routine for the optimum results. Mix that with some team activities, maybe a spot of outdoor activities too and you have a great combination. It doesn’t have to be boring, you can get results fast and you will get the body you want. Just make sure you track everything.


heather freyHeather Frey Owner, Founder and President of SmashFit; Certified Personal Trainer; National Figure Competitor; Graphic Designer; and Artist. Also the fitness expert on a new show called “Miami Mom’s” on NBC Miami Nonstop Station. www.smashfit.com

It’s overwhelming to start changing habits you may have had since childhood so I tell people the very FIRST place to start is cleaning nutrition. That’s something they can start doing immediately (like at their next meal) and can see and feel results relatively quickly. The first step I always tell people is: Stop eating the things you KNOW you shouldn’t eat; the obvious stuff like fast food, soda, cookies, candy, chips, sugar, etc. Just getting rid of these foods alone has huge impact. Step two is start eating the things you KNOW you should; lean proteins,veggies, fruits, whole grains, anything not processed. Feeling the affects of these changes helps motivate people to keep going, learning, switching out unhealthy for healthy alternatives and building on top of their newly forming habits. At the same time people need to start moving more, even if it’s just taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or raking their own leaves instead of paying someone to do it.  Then it’s time to start thinking about the kind of fitness you might enjoy on a regular basis, whether it’s a class, a sport, or hiring a trainer. I’ve found that seeing the results from one solid change motivates people to the next one.


justin lordJustin Lord Celebrity personal trainer, ITV This Morning’s fitness and nutrition guru and Channel 5’s Live with Gabby. www.justinlord.co.uk

Remember that fitness doesn’t guarantee health. Get your health in check first and foremost, build the foundations and then you will have the right environment in your body to be able to bring about the adaptations from the exercise. Do everything you can to educate yourself in nutrition from as many reputable sources as possible.

Fitness can mean many things to many people but generally most will think of it in terms of ‘fitness for fat loss’. Others will think of it as ‘fitness for longevity’.

Whatever your goal is, there’s a few similarities in the rules:

  1. Focus on quality of the exercise sessions rather than quantity of time spent exercising, No1. More does not necessarily mean better.
  2. Focus on quality of the exercise sessions rather than quantity of time spent exercising, No2. Stick to your rest times between exercises and save the chat for the café. Any more that 60 mins in the gym and you’re just making friends!
  3. Old, young, male or female. Lifting weights is key to fat loss, fitness and longevity.
  4. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) will improve aerobic fitness and is the best type of cardio for fat loss.
  5. Contrary to popular belief you do NOT need to run for hours for fat loss!


faith toogoodFaith Toogood An experienced and fully qualified dietitian, registered with the Health Professions Council. She has appeared on The Biggest Loser UK 2011-2012 and Daybreak’s ‘Downsize in Dubai’. www.faithtoogood.com

As a dietitian, I am not an expert in this field and do not therefore advise specific exercises for clients.  However it is fair to say that most professionals would agree that it is crucial to incorporate activity into your life in order to enhance and help sustain any weight loss regimen.  This activity should be fun, you are far more likely to keep it up this way!  It does not need to be costly, time consuming or painful – most of the fears shared with me by clients that I see.  I would say that if you are about to embark on an exercise programme then visiting your GP for a quick check up is a good idea.  Once you have the go ahead but are unsure about how or what to start doing then I would really recommend investing in a few sessions with a good personal trainer.  They are worth their weight in gold and can really give people the confidence needed to continue these activities alone and also ensure that whatever you are doing is safe.


jim katsoulisJim Katsoulis Master hypnotist & weight loss expert. Certified hypnotist & NLP trainer, certified yoga instructor. Founder of ProgramYourselfThin.com & TheEliteBody.com

I’d say start slow and create 3 fitness routines. One long one (30-60 minutes) for when you’re motivated and have the time, one medium one (10-25 minutes) for when you rushed, and one short one (less than 5 minutes) for when you’re dead tired and don’t have time. This way you can begin to build consistency. Most people only have a 60 minute routine, so it’s all or nothing. And once they miss one session, they lose their momentum and stop. But if you do at least something each day (even 3 jumping jacks) it’ll create a new positive habit. And that can only help.


natalie jillNatalie Jill Licensed Sports Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer who specializes in weight loss consulting and counseling people with food allergies and intolerance’s. www.nataliejillfitness.com

My advice to someone just getting started is to simply just START. Any step towards a healthy direction is a good one. I also suggest not “eliminating” things but rather “adding” healthy habits into their lives. Suggestions include drinking more water, eat more fruits and veggies, walking instead of driving, etc… small things over time make a BIG difference.



shari fitnessShari Fitness is an ISSA Certified Fitness Professional, Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, Natural Health Advocate, Winner of the 2009 Chozen Award for Health Practitioner of the Year, Host of FitTalk with ShariFitness, blogger about Natural Health and Fitness and soon to be author. www.fittalknews.com

Give it your all!
Regardless of what type of fitness program you choose, the key to being healthy and fit is to exercise at  least three days a week 30 -60 minutes and don’t just go through the motions when you workout.  Make each and every workout count and give it all you got!

Find an exercise program you enjoy doing, challenges you, and you follow consistently.  The best workout program will not provide you the results you are looking for if you do not follow it and you don’t give it your best effort.

Have a fitness game plan
Whenever I walk into the gym to do my workout, I always have my fitness game plan.  If you walk into the gym with some vague idea of what you’re going to do, chances are you’ll end up wasting a lot of time and spinning your wheels.

You should walk into the gym knowing exactly what exercises you’re going to do, how many sets and how many reps of each exercise.  Having a fitness game plan not only helps to keep you focused and motivated on your workout, but you’ll also be working out more efficiently and effectively.

Avoid Plateaus
I avoid training plateaus by changing up my workouts every three months.  Doing the same workout day in, day out, month after month not only numbs the body, but numbs the mind as well.

I’m constantly challenging myself physically and mentally in the gym by trying out different training programs, styles and techniques and look forward to my workouts. (Be sure to check out my product reviews of some of the workout programs I’ve tried.)

I always feel a sense of accomplishment mentally and sets the tone for the rest of my day.  When I challenge myself in the gym, I feel like I can accomplish anything I put my mind to and am more productive and always in a good, positive mood.

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