How Quickly Is Food Converted Into Fat?

How Quickly Is Food Converted Into Fat?

Do you ever wonder how quickly food is converted to fat? Research has shown that it happens in a very short space of time. You know sometimes when you have eaten more than needed and you sit uncomfortably for a while almost feeling the fat piling on… This is not you just thinking it, it is actually happening.

An extract taken from the might give you a better understanding of it all.

Study Reveals How Quickly Food Is Converted Into Fat

Researchers at Oxford University have discovered the fat in foods can be converted into tissue around the plumpest parts of the body within hours.

For a large meal containing 30g of fat, two to three teaspoons of the substance can be added to waists much quicker than previously thought.

If one continues to overeat, the fat will also be moved into tissue around the hips, rear and thighs for storage.

The study, by Fredrik Karpe and Keith Frayne, found the first fat from any meal enters the blood around an hour after being ingested.

By the time three or four hours has passed, they found, most of it had been incorporated into the adipose tissue, much of which lies in the short-term fat stores in the waist.

The results, which may require the adaptation the clichéd adage “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips”, have resulted in a greater understanding of how weight gain works.

Previously, many have believed the process is much more gradual with food travelling from the gut into the blood, where is was used by muscles, with any excess being stored as fat.

But the Oxford University research suggests the fat is instead moved quickly around the body in the bloodstream before being “caught” and stored. Full story here.

After reading this, its no surprise that I often feel like I’ve gained 5lbs after eating some naughty treat, or sometimes even notice it depending on what clothes I’m wearing.

Understanding how quickly food is converted into fat will possible make me think more about the food I put into my mouth knowing what kind of damage and how quick it can be done.

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