Kim Kardashian Ignores $5M Lawsuit and Launches Diet Pills In The UK

Kim Kardashian Ignores $5M Lawsuit and Launches Diet Pills In The UK

Why would anyone in their right mind with a $5M lawsuit hanging over their head carry on life as though nothing has happened? Regardless of the pending lawsuit against Kim Kardashian in the US she is still keen as ever to promote the Quick Trim diet pills to us here in the UK treating us like idiots.

Knowing that these pills are ineffective and dangerous makes my blood boil, because she has taken no notice what’s going on back in the US but instead thought she could flog them to us here.

Printed in the this is the latest on the story…

Kim Kardashian Launches Diet Pill In UK

Kim Kardashian (Image from Wikipedia by Eva Rinaldi)

Reality star Kim Kardashian appeared at the U.K. launch of the controversial diet pill QuickTrim at the Westfield London shopping mall on May 19, 2012, as a $5 million false-advertising lawsuit remains pending against her and the diet pill manufacturers in the United States.

Ironically, the curvy 5-foot-2-inch Kim didn’t look any slimmer, but insisted the diet pills have helped her shed weight over the years. When asked by reporters whether she was aware that some gyms in the U.K. offer butt-toning classes inspired by her oversized glutes, Kardashian was quick to reply with a canned marketing plug.

“It’s really crazy to me that there are workouts like that, but with the help of QuickTrim, hopefully that will help,” said Kim, who has been a paid rep since 2009.

Meanwhile, Kardashian and her sister Khloe are defendants the class-action lawsuit that was filed in March 2012, where four customers sued Windmill Health (the makers of QuickTrim) and several of its distributors, claiming QuickTrim was unhealthy and ineffective.

The plaintiffs pointed out that the active ingredient in QuickTrim is large doses of caffeine, which experts say is neither safe nor effective at producing weight loss. Original story posted on

Knowing that you are endorsing a product that is both harmful and ineffective is just simply wrong. Is it because of her celebrity status that she thinks its ok or the simple fact that she is ignorant and oblivious as to what is going on?

I am not a fan of diet pills or fad diets but for those people who choose to go down that route its not good news for them if they buy this product and not know about the laswsuit back in the US. How is this allowed, can someone not stop this from happening.

Kim Kardashian is simply robbing honest people of their money to continue living the celebrity lifestyle.

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