Get The Science Of Skinny

Get The Science Of Skinny

The Science Of Skinny is yet another dieting and weight loss book to hit the market. But what caught my attention about this book is that the author claims to have loss 100lbs and kept it off for 20 years after removing processed foods from her diet.

The author Dee McCaffrey who is an organic chemist and nutrition educator said she wrote the book to help dieters understand the chemical reaction that takes place in our bodies, due to the foods we eat.

Watch the video below to find out more about The Science Of Skinny told by Dee McCaffrey herself, and to pick up some healthy eating tips too…

Dee McCaffrey On The Science Of Skinny

Avocado is one of my favourite skinny foods too, I love the taste of avocado and for me a salad is incomplete without it. But beside the taste, avocado packs a punch when it come to your health and losing weight, as Dee so kindly pointed out.

The Science Of Skinny is broken down into two parts. The science, to help you have a better understanding of your body and the relationship it has with the food you eat. The second part provides practical, actionable steps you can take.

It includes a 2-week cleansing program to help you prepare your body for the new healthy lifestyle ahead; it offers meal plans, over 50 recipes, meal ideas that the whole family can enjoy, and a lot more.

Right now you can pick up Dee’s book at a discounted price, on by clicking the link below.

The Science of Skinny: Start Understanding Your Body’s Chemistry–and Stop Dieting Forever

Or if you live here in the UK it looks like you can only buy it through one of these Amazon sellers at present (Link Below)

The Science of Skinny: Start Understanding Your Body’s Chemistry–And Stop Dieting Forever

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