Do You Struggle To Eat Healthy At Work?

Do You Struggle To Eat Healthy At Work?

The workplace is one of those places where you can easily fall off your dieting plan, unless you are really good and make a healthy packed lunch everyday and then actually eat it, without being tempted by all the naughtiest that your work colleague’s so mindlessly wave in front in of your face without a second thought for your diet.

Or maybe your workplace has a canteen, and as much as you want to tuck into that wholemeal ham salad sandwich, the smell of fish and chips filling the canteen is just too much to resist, especially when your colleague just asked you to pass the salt and vinegar.

If only the canteen served healthy food, you and your colleague could enjoy healthy eating together, there would be no need to eat your salad alone in the office, whiles your colleagues enjoy a warm sociable meal in the canteen, if only, this way you could stick to your diet and not look like the odd one out… Double bonus!

What if I tell you that, that scenario could become your reality, and what if I told you that the company providing your healthy work meals was Slimming World! Yes I thought that would have gotten some of your attention.

Slimming World is teaming up with OCS a company that provides canteen services for many major work places throughout the UK. This might be a strategic move by Slimming World to get their flavour in the mouths of millions, and what a clever move I might add.

I mean, imagine you’re a weight watcher or you’re on some other diet and you eat at one of these canteens, you’ll be hard to resist the Slimming World way, I take my hat of and applaud you Slimming World.

Still, whatever their primary intentions, and I would like to believe it is to empower people to live a healthier life, there can only be good things that come out of this, and hopefully one day all work places big and small will provide healthy food for their staff.

To learn more about Slimming World and OCS’s partnership click the link below.

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