Foods To Avoid As A Midnight Snack

Foods To Avoid As A Midnight Snack

Do you sometimes have a midnight snack? Hey you’re only human, we all do sometimes, life would be rather boring if we were that strict on ourselves, and if you were that regimented you would most likely crack under the pressure at some stage, and end up throwing in the diet completely.

So don’t be to hard on yourself, a midnight snack once in a while when fancied is not going to do much harm. But there are certain foods you might want to avoid as a midnight snack, due to various side effects, that you can learn all about by continuing to read below.

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Avoid These Foods As A Midnight Snack

You’ve probably heard the rumor that it’s bad to eat after 8p.m. While this rule doesn’t exactly hold true, eating late at night is definitely not great for you. Consuming a few hundred calories right before going to bed isn’t the best decision. However, late night snacking has gotten a bad rep more so because of the foods that we choose to consume at the midnight hour rather than the time. When tired and just want to fall into bed, we rarely want to put much thought into what we stuff in our mouths.

Now we all know that pizza, burgers andshwarma are not the best things to chow down on late at night, but are greasy and fatty foods the only ones to avoid? Here are four foods that should be limited and even nixed on your late night menu.

Late night breakfast – cereal

Technically speaking chocolate covered, maple syrup-drenched pancakes or French toast would win the worst late night breakfast award; however, most breakfast cereals would take a close second. Once thought of as only a breakfast food, nowadays most of us eat cereal anytime during the day, including late at night.

While cereal is relatively low in calories compared to other midnight snacks and is far better for you then let’s say a slice of pizza or a hot dog, it is far from “good for you.”Chocked full of carbs, including refined sugar, most breakfast cereals, will send your blood glucose levels soaring. The end result being that you are kept wide awake. If you are in the mood for a late night breakfast, instead pour yourself a bowl of Fiber One – with 0 grams of sugar and loaded with fiber, this cereal will fill you but not keep you up.

Midnight fiesta – spicy foods

Chocked full of healthy nutrients, spicy foods such as cayenne pepper are great for you… during the day that is. Spicy foods can cause you to toss and turn all night, as their acidity may irritate your stomach causing indigestion and even heartburn. What’s more, spicy foods can actually cause you to wake up as they send an adrenaline rush to your brain.

Discover even more foods to avoid at midnight here.

So there you have it, the next time you’re in the mood for a midnight snack, you now know certain foods you should be avoiding.

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