Fashion Models Use Extreme Dieting That Is Shocking

Fashion Models Use Extreme Dieting That Is Shocking

Fashion will kill you – This phrase couldn’t be truer for the models preparing themselves for the catwalk. Skinny pale and ill looking is the common look of today’s fashion models, and to fit that criteria, extreme dieting techniques are being used; so extreme I think you’ll be shock.

Prepare yourself, because what you are about to learn might leave you feeling disgusted and worried, especially if you have kids who look up to fashion models, and want to be just like them.

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Fashion Models Employ Extremely Shocking Dieting Techniques

A model has revealed the horrifying extremes employed by her peers in the fashion industry ahead of catwalk appearances.

As another round of New York Fashion Week gets underway, Kira Dikhtyar admits getting down to sample size-zero is no mean feat, and some girls are prepared to do anything to lose pounds quickly.

According to the 22-year-old Russian, packs of cigarettes, diet pills, daily colonics and laxatives are the weapons of choice for many, while metabolism boosting injections have also crept onto the scene.

Disclosing what goes on behind-the-scenes, the 5′ 10″ beauty told Fox News healthy models turn to ‘HCG injections that go with a 500-calorie diet plan to T3 thyroid injections that… speed up their thyroid function, which results in a faster metabolism.’
HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone found in the urine of pregnant women that supposedly works as an appetite suppressant. It is typically injected into the thigh, or taken as a drop under the tongue, however there is no scientific evidence proving its effectiveness.

Ms Dikhtyar added that she has also heard of modeling agents encouraging drugs such as speed and cocaine in the run-up to shows in a desperate attempt to keep their money-making talent from gaining weight.

Fashion designer and former model Jackie Christie confirmed that models employ all kinds of dangerous techniques, such as hypnosis to control hunger and swallowing cotton balls, which enable them to get rid of excess fat or water before taking to the runway. Continue the story here.

I can’t quite get my head around how this can be allowed; surely the fashion industry is being regulated. Why is nothing being done, I mean the evidence is in clear view, you only need to look at these models to see that they are putting their life’s a risk.

What is expected of these models is not only unrealistic, but also totally the opposite to what the majority of us see as being attractive. Why the fashion industry feels that we want to see skeletons wearing fashionable clothes is beyond me.

I once posted and image of an anorexic looking model on my Facebook page, only to create awareness of this type of behaviour, the response it had totally showed that this is not what we feel comfortable with and see as acceptable. You can see the image that caused a stir here.

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