Daily Exercise For Good Health

Daily Exercise For Good Health

Many people see exercise as a chore, others makes it part of their everyday living.  When trying to lose weight we know that exercise along with a controlled diet will see greater results.

To lead a healthy lifestyle, exercise should be included on a daily basis, now I’m not saying 60 minutes in the gym everyday.  Walking to the corner shop instead of taking the car, taking the dog for a quick 20-minute walk it all adds up and contributes to good physical fitness.

When losing weight its important to include exercise as our bodies will need to be toned up, and exercising will help burn more calories.

Jeremiah Sear aged 32 and weighing 358 pounds found life a constant struggle, waiting for a miracle to happen with the use of diet pills and varying diets he soon realized that nothing was changing.  Even a caution from his doctor to change his lifestyle due to health complication, didn’t make a different.

Here is the inspiring story of Jeremiah Sears As printed in the Huffington Post…

daily exercise for good health

Daily Exercise For Good Health

Exercise Benefits Health

Breaking Point: My girlfriend and I wanted to start a new life, so we packed up and headed to Florida. Once we were there, I found out fast that large people and Florida sun do not mix. I was sweating more just doing the littlest bit of movement than I ever had. Well, that was it, I was sick of it.

How I Lost It: My girlfriend and I had just purchased a new home in Kissimmee and they were building a new Anytime Fitness around the corner. I had thought about joining a gym before, but they were either too expensive or I thought I would feel uncomfortable.

In December of 2010 I gained the courage to go to the gym and get some information. Upon walking in, my mind was set at ease by the warm welcome I received from the staff. I had a long conversation with a personal trainer named Daryl who gave me all the encouragement I needed to sign up. It was very hard in the beginning without seeing the physical results, but I was feeling a lot better and found myself to be more active.

Since then I have been going to the gym religiously and pushing myself more and more every day. I try to burn 1,000 calories a day, first on the treadmill and then doing crunches, pushups and toning exercises to try to tighten up. Now, my diet consists of a lot of protein, like eggs and chicken. I do still occasionally stop for fast food, but I have learned to discipline myself and only get a little bit and add extra time at the gym. I make sure to eat dinner by 6 p.m. so I have plenty of time before I go to bed. With the overwhelming support of my family I have lost 168 pounds and I feel fantastic! Full story here.

Daily exercise benefits good health and we don’t need to be told this by our doctors. Making exercise fun will see it less of a chore, experiment with different types of exercise until you find something that you are most comfortable with, and eventually, without you even realising it will soon become part of your everyday lifestyle.

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