Can Eggs Help You Lose Weight?

Can Eggs Help You Lose Weight?

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Sorry, I just had to get that in there. Okay on a more serious note, can eggs help you lose weight? Well we’ve always been told that eggs are good for us, they are packed with vitamins and nutrients, in fact every vitamin except vitamin C can be found in eggs. I’ve even heard some people crush the egg shells to a powder and sprinkle it over their food for an extra dose of calcium. On top of all that, new research now shows that eggs can help you lose weight.

Read on to get the full scoop taken from The Telegraph.

Can Eating Eggs For Breakfast Help You Lose Weight?

‘Go to work on an egg’, went the no-nonsense 1950s advertising campaign. But now obesity experts have found out that not only does an egg keep you going longer, it could also help keep you slim.

A test of 20 overweight or obese volunteers discovered that those given an egg for breakfast, rather than cereal, felt less hungry come lunchtime, and consequently consumed less at an ‘all-you-can eat’ buffet.

Researchers at the Pennington Biomedical Research Centre in Louisiana, US, found those given an egg had significantly lower levels of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite, in their blood three hours after breakfast.

They also had significantly higher levels of another hormone, called PYY3-36, which signals we are full.

Dr Nikhil Dhurandhar, who led the study, said: “This study shows that diets with higher protein quality may enhance satiety, leading to better compliance and success of a weight loss diet.”

He added: “This study raises the question: are some foods with higher protein quality nature’s appetite suppressants?” Full article published here.

I must confess, over the last few weeks I’ve been having eggs for breakfast almost every morning. I love eggs, and I have mine fried in Fry Light (low fat cooking spray). These last few weeks I’ve also seen good weight loss, and thinking about it, I haven’t been hungry between meals either, could it be the eggs?

Okay the eggs might have contributed to my weight loss, but just to be clear, I have been eating very healthy or sensible you could say, and I have been exercising too.

Do you find yourself less hungry at lunchtime if you have eggs for breakfast? Maybe you can’t recall right now, so next time you do have eggs, take note and see if this article holds truth for you.

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