Autumn Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight

Autumn Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight

So autumn has begun and what a pretty season it is, I love the colours of autumn, with the clear blue skies and the brownish, yellowish and reddish shades of leaves, that create scenes with rustic feels and fiery glows, and of course the cooler temperatures means that the selection of our fresh produce, changes too.

This is the season when warm, home cooked comfort foods are welcomed with open arms and open mouths, but as a dieter you want to keep the calories down, but still enjoy the delights of autumn.

So to help you along your way, below you will find a selection of autumn foods that are full of nutrients and great if you’re trying to lose weight.

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Selection Of Autumn Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight


An apple a day keeps the fat cells away! A perfect grab-and-go snack, apples are loaded with pectin – a fibre that’s especially filling. ‘Apples provide more than four grams of dietary fibrr each,’ says Claire Blais, a dietician from Boston, USA. ‘Try them microwaved with cinnamon and spray butter for a low calorie ‘baked’ treat.’

Butternut squash

Swap your Butterfingers (and butter cookies) for butternut. ‘This veggie is so naturally sweet, you could eat it for dessert,’ says Joan Salge Blake, spokesperson for the ADA and associate professor of nutrition at Boston University. ‘Cubed and roasted in the oven, it tastes like a treat.’

Sheep’s milk cheese

After a summer’s worth of grazing, sheep produce cheese that hits its flavourful peak in Autumn. ‘Studies have shown that the calcium in dairy products such as sheep’s milk cheese may aid in weight loss,’ says Blais. And the protein in sheep’s milk is double that of cow’s milk – a great way to build lean muscle mass and promote that feeling of satiety.


This veggie’s full of fibre and flavour, both of which promote fullness and digestion. It’s also an excellent source of vitamin A and potassium, says Blais. ‘Soup, bread, pie, or puree – there’s nothing this squash can’t do!’


‘High in antioxidants and low in calories,’ says Blais, cranberries pack a tart and sweet flavour that gives zing to salads, rice dishes and even breakfast cereal. Your taste buds (and your waistline) will leave the table happy.


The earthy flavour of this ‘white carrot’ makes for a perfect side dish or snack. ‘Parsnips are packed with complex carbs, nutrients and fibre to prolong digestion,’ says Salge Blake. Roasting them will bring out their best.

Sweet potatoes

In side dishes to pies, these vegetables fill you up without filling you out. ‘The low glycemic index of sweet potatoes can definitely help stabilise blood sugars and prevent feelings of hunger,’ says Blais. For 120 calories, you get lots of fibre and a sweet indulgence.

Tuscan kale

One of the healthiest vegetables around, hearty kale is ‘loaded with fibre, folate, iron and kitamin K,’ says Blais. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, arrange on a baking sheet and bake till crisp – and voila, crispy ‘chips’ that you can down by the [handful] for only 35 calories!

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As a dieter you want to mix things up a bit, so you don’t get bored of your diet. With this in mind, you should see the changing of the seasons as a blessing, and as you can see from this selection, autumn has a lot to offer. So get creative.

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