Superfoods You Can Easily Afford On A Budget

Superfoods You Can Easily Afford On A Budget

Many times when I speak to people about eating healthy, I often get “I’ll make a start next month, I’m a bit short on cash this month”. They believe that it’s too expensive to eat healthy and would rather continue eating low value processed foods in order to save on a few pennies.

Okay, sure it’s going to cost more if you swap from diet that consist entirely of supermarket value brand foods to a diet that is rich in fresh organic produce, but what if you could include some foods into your diet that would greatly benefit your health and cost very little too.

Well today you’re going to realize that this is quite possible, and the foods you can include are not any type of foods they are superfoods. Yes that’s right, Hanna Brooks Olsen from has kindly list a handful of superfoods that you can easily afford. Continue below…

List Of Superfoods You Can Easily Afford On A Budget

Sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes are about to really hit their stride for the season, which means you can get them at any farmer’s market or produce stand, and pretty much be assured that they’ll be tasty. They’re also packed with necessary nutrients, low in fat, and pretty much an ideal starch. Roast them, bake them, grill them, bake with them, turn them into patties, hell, even turn them into oven fries. The possibilities are endless–and they’re pennies apiece.

Red cabbage
Lots of Americans skip right by purple cabbage at the grocery store or produce stand because, well, it seems kind of dull. But shredded cabbage is a great way to add potassium, vitamin A, and fiber to your family’s diet. Shred it for salads and sandwiches, sautee it as a side dish, or sneak it into soups and stews for added benefits.

Canned salmon Slide
Sustainable, omega-3-filled salmon isn’t just for expensive caesar salads in fancy restaurants. The canned kind has gotten the Seafood Watch seal of approval, and can be used in a variety of ways. It’s a little more expensive than tuna, but it’s worth it for the extra nutrients, lower mercury levels, and eco-friendliness.
In addition to being less expensive, it’s also easier to use than the frozen or fresh variety. Add it to a salad, sandwich, or noodle casserole to add brain-boosting good fats. Get four more of these budget superfoods here.

There you have it, superfoods that cost pennies. Next time you’re doing your food shop don’t forget to pop some of these nutrient rich foods into your trolley.

I hope this list of foods has been helpful, and if you were one of those who always put off healthy eating because you thought it was to expensive, I hope by now you think differently.

If you have any low cost healthy eating tips of your own, please share them below, and don’t forget to give the article a like too.


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