What Small Changes Can You Make To Lose Weight?

What Small Changes Can You Make To Lose Weight?

Making a change of any kind is always difficult, well for most of us anyway, like it or not but most of us are creatures of habit. We become comfortable in our environment and with our behaviours, it’s just the way we are, after all it would be pretty chaotic if we changed everything everyday. But change is not impossible, it does take effort and sometimes it’s necessary if we want better. So what small changes can we make to lose weight?

To answer that question the British Nutrition Foundation has identified 180 factors that is responsible for our weight condition, when you understand these factors, you can start making the small changes that will have you on track to losing more weight.

The following was reported by Fiona Macrae and published on the DailyMail.co.uk

Understanding What Small Changes You Can Make To Lose Weight

No wonder losing weight is so difficult – 108 different factors are conspiring to keep us fat.

Experts say that everything from using a remote control to change TV channels to having the wrong sort of friends can push us to pile on the pounds.

Other things to be taken into account include our genes and the temptation to drive, rather than walk, short distances.

While some factors, such as our genes, can’t be altered, there are many small changes that can be made and which together can have a big impact on weight, says the British Nutrition Foundation.

The charity has used a list of 108 things affecting our weight, compiled for a Government report, as a starting point for its advice.

The ‘fat factors’ are divided into seven groups – social, psychological, eating and drinking, physical activity, our environment, physiology, and TV, computers and magazines.

Having the wrong sort of friends falls into the first category. While they may be good fun, they could also be encouraging us to eat the wrong things or tease us when we say we want to exercise or join a gym.

Snacking when bored and treating food as something to reward us when things go well both fall into the category of psychological pressures.

Gulping down food can mean we eat too much before the body’s satiety signals kick in, while using TV remote controls can make our lifestyle particularly sedentary.

The British Nutrition Foundation’s annual conference will today hear that our environment, from desk jobs to expensive gyms, is conspiring against us.

We are also bombarded by TV adverts for unhealthy foods and many of us don’t get enough sleep.

But there are many adjustments we can make to our lifestyles to improve our chances of shedding the pounds.

In its Small Changes: Big Gains guide, the British Nutrition Foundation makes suggestions such as getting up from the TV and doing some housework during advert breaks.

This could burn 40 calories per hour of TV viewing.

Hiding the remote control and changing channels manually would use up another 15 calories an hour. Continue reading the full and original article here.

It’s so easy to see from this how lazy and fat modern day society has made us, it also show’s how much difference it would make to our weight, if we take the steps to make these small changes.

When you look at it, you could start by setting aside some time to assess your lifestyle, and look at the things you do where you could apply more energy, to burn more calories. For example, most days I drive my daughter to school, but if I were to get out of bed a little earlier, I could walk her to school, which is only 15 mins walk away, but think of the calories I would burn.

Can you think of some small changes that you can make right now, that will have you burning more calories and losing more weight? Then make sure you take action and do it, remember the one person that can help you lose weight, is you.

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