Sugary Drinks Changes Your Body Making It Harder To Lose Weight

Sugary Drinks Changes Your Body Making It Harder To Lose Weight

Its not breaking news that sugary drinks make you fat, but did you know that sugary drinks changes your body, making it harder to lose weight. Yes you read that right, that fizzy beverage that you enjoy so much is not only piling on the pounds, but its permanently changing your body making it difficult for you to shift those pounds later on.

What concerns me most about this new discovery is that the people who drink sugary drinks, drink a lot of it because of the addictive properties that sugar have. The damage that has been done and being done is quite hard to comprehend. This news is shocking.

Details of this study are published on the Mail Online.

How Sugary Drinks Are Changing Your Body Making It Harder For You To Lose Weight

Drinking sugared fizzy drinks for just a month changes the body permanently so it’s more difficult to lose weight.

The soft drinks don’t just pile on the pounds because of the calories in them – they alter the way your body burns fuel.

Your muscles grow to ‘prefer’ sugar to fat as a fuel, and thus losing weight becomes harder.

Drinking sugary drinks could be even more harmful than previously thought.

Soft drinks alter the way our muscles burn fuel preferring sugar over fat which makes the pounds harder to shift.

And worryingly this effect lasts long-term which can raise levels of blood glucose leading to diabetes.

Dr Hans-Peter Kubis, of Bangor University, said: ‘This study proves our concerns over sugary drinks have been correct.

‘Not only can regular sugar intake acutely change our body metabolism; in fact it seems that our muscles are able to sense the sugars and make our metabolism more inefficient, not only in the present but in the future as well.

‘This will lead a reduced ability to burn fat and to fat gain. Moreover, it will make it more difficult for our body to cope with rises in blood sugar.’

Dr Kubis warned the drinks can compromise long term health and, when in need of refreshment, people should reach for water instead. Continue the article here.

If this news isn’t enough to convince you that sugary drinks has a negative effect on your health and weight, then I don’t know what will. Right now you should be pouring that horrible stuff down the sink, even giving it away would be a crime.

To think of the damage that these drinks has done to my body is making me mad, I stopped drinking sugary drinks a while back now, but still, like this article states, the damaging effects are long-term.

We all knew that sugary drinks were bad for our health and this is just adding fuel to the fire. But what I can’t understand is why are big brand names that are responsible for these drinks, allowed to sponsor sporting events even the Olympics. Is it just me, or do you too see this as being hypocritical.

Please share your views below, I am really interested in hearing what you have to say about this, and please share with as many people as you can, it is important that they understand the damage that sugary drinks are doing to them.

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