Portion Control tips For Weight Loss

Portion Control tips For Weight Loss

Did you know that tomorrow 30th March is the final day of national nutrition month? Well I didn’t realize that such a month existed until I started reading an article today. Nutrition is key to a healthy well balanced diet. If you are following a diet for weight loss its essential to follow some portion control tips.

Portion control is essential when trying to lose weight, we should eat until we are full not eat until our plates are empty. If you are worried about wasting food don’t pile your plates high in the first place.

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Essential Portion Control Tips For Weight Loss

If you are trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy waistline, then controlling your portions is key in achieving your

fresh fruit

Fresh Fruit

goals. Whether you are eating out or at home, oversized portions are found just about everywhere.

Knowing what your meal should look like can make all the difference to reduce your risk of chronic disease and obesity.

As a rule of thumb, let your plate size guide your portion size. Buying some smaller 9-inch plates to serve your meals, is a great way to put this rule into action.

Once you have your plates picked out, take a look at how to fill them up. Roughly, half your plate should be fruits and vegetables, one-quarter protein and the other one-quarter whole grains.

In addition to smaller plates, you can also use smaller bowls or 8-ounce glasses to help you keep your portion sizes reasonable.

Unfortunately, we don’t always have control over the size of our plates. Eating out or eating at a friend’s house can be a challenge. See the full article here.

Over the years I tried many diets and although finding some success with some, I was never always left feeling satisfied because of the very small portion sizes. Portion sizes are a good way to control weight loss however, if the portions are way too small you are more likely to fail the diet and eat something unhealthy.

Currently I’m following Slimming World, and can happily say that the way this diet is structured, I am never left feeling hungry. The diet or should I say healthy eating plan, because that’s how I think of it, it’s all about re-educating yourself with making healthy food choices. Always fill 1/3 of your plates with fruits, vegetables or salad before adding lean meats, fish etc. And make fruit and vegetables your first choice of snacks. This way you will naturally feel fuller eating foods lower in calories. I let my stomach be the judge of my portion sizes, as once I feel full I naturally stop eating, I no longer feel the need to finish everything on my plate because its there.

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