You Need Fat To Live!

You Need Fat To Live!

Fat! Automatically perceived as a dirty word. Say the word “Fat”, what’s the first image that comes to mind? Let me guess, whatever your perception of fat is, It’s not something you feel totally comfortable with, it makes you cringe, it’s greasy, it looks whitish, yellowish and blubberish, and it makes you feel uneasy.

But the truth is, you need fat to live. We have come to believe that fat is just bad, nasty and of no good, so we try to eliminate it entirely from everything we eat, we want to remove every last ounce of it from our bodies. Rid me of fat once and for all, I don’t want to see anymore of the stinking stuff, you say. But thinking of fat this way can be more harmful than good.

To learn what you need to know about fat and weight loss, click the link below for a short but informative explanation…


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