Taking Wedding Diets To The Extreme With Feeding Tubes

Taking Wedding Diets To The Extreme With Feeding Tubes

What can I say… This is totally insane!! Now I have really heard it all. For the perfect wedding day, brides are resorting to being fitted with feeding tubes in the bid to drop 20 pounds in 10 days.

Wedding Diets Taken To The Extreme With Feeding Tubes

Every women wants to be the perfect bride, have the perfect dress, pictures and everything else to go with it, but really… I still cant get my head around it, surely most women know months in advance of their actual wedding day so why not do it the old fashion way and lose a pound or two a week though healthy sensible eating.

Alta Acosta-Carter a personal trainer who helps many brides get in shape for their big day the old fashion way told KTVB.com that with an extreme diet using feeding tubes there will be side effects. After following a liquid diet for 10 day then reintroducing solid foods this will cause bloating.

Why have the perfect wedding day then have a crappy honeymoon because your body is finding it hard to accept solids, this is crazy.

To find out more about this story the following was taken from KTVB.Com

Desperate Brides Use Feeding Tubes To Drop 20 Pounds

Bride Fitting DressBrides so desperate to lose weight they wear a feeding tube hoping to take off 20 pounds in 10 days.

The Today Show and the New York Times recently carried reports about the Florida clinic offering the procedure.

“People want to be perfect in this country and I’m allowing them to do that,” said Dr. Oliver DiPietro.

DiPietro inserts a tube through the nose into the stomach under local anesthesia.

“It’s slightly uncomfortable but not terrible,” he explained as he described the procedure which costs a bride $1,500.

The feeding pump delivers 800 calories a day with a combination of protein and fat.

“It’s so extreme and you have to walk around for 10 days, 24/7 with a feeding tube and your pouch,” said Portland personal trainer Alta Acosta-Carter. Full story here.

I’m still speechless. This really is taking dieting to the extremes. Surely most of these brides who resort to these drastic measures will eventually suffer months down the line when pounds start to pile back on. This is only a quick fix solution.

What are your thoughts on brides using feeding tubes to drop the pounds? I would love to hear you comments so please leave them below.


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