Six Weeks To OMG

Six Weeks To OMG

When trying to lose weight, we all know it’s down to months of healthy eating and exercise and with time we will get to our goals. But imagine being told that you could do it in six weeks by taking cold baths and drinking black coffee. Sounds like a diet to you? Just the thought of starting my day with a cold bath instead of my toast or a healthy cooked breakfast makes me shiver.

Sports scientist, Venice A Fulton has released the book “Six Weeks To OMG” which has reached top spot within the weight loss industry, claiming to make you skinnier than all your friends with a six-week plan.

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What Is Six Weeks To OMG?

Based on a plan originally designed for Fulton’s A-list clients, the OMG regime claims to use a mix of nutrition, biochemistry, genetics and psychology, to help shift up to 20 pounds of body fat and reduce cellulite.

Contrary to the notion that eating small, frequent meals throughout the day is good for you, Fulton states that it’s damaging, and instead encourages dieters to stick to three meals a day.

Although, instead of breakfast, he proposes a mid-morning meal at 10am to help boost the metabolism.

He says: ‘In 2000, French researchers reporting in the British Journal of Nutrition were among the first to show that a typical high-energy breakfast of toast, yoghurt and fruit actually blocked fat loss throughout the entire day.’

And to help eliminate the appearance of orange peel, Fulton suggests a combination of cold baths and black coffee.

In the chapter titled Skinny Dipping he states that plunging into cold water will cause the ‘metabolic rate to shift to overdrive’ and if you’re not brave enough to immerse your whole body you can just expose your legs.

He adds: ‘Most of us have a hard-wired fear of all things unusual.

‘It takes a few brave humans to stand up and try something new.
‘Eventually, the truth spreads from these explorers, and makes all our lives better.’ You can read the original story here.

I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll stick to my current weight loss plan and enjoy my hot showers in the morning and a healthy filling breakfast to kick start the day.

Seeing fast weight loss results is all well and good if they were achieved through healthy eating and exercise, because it has a better chance of staying off and for the individual to adapt this principal as a way of live.

Following Faddy Diets for a quick fix doesn’t leave you with long-term results, and are never really a healthy way of living for someone to follow on a constant basis.

Sure, it’s without saying that this is one diet I’ll be passing on, but if you are curious to see what all the hype is about, you can get a sneak preview by having a look inside the book here

Is “Six Weeks To OMG” just another faddy diet or do you see this as a way of life, you comments are welcome in the section below or as always give this article a “LIKE” if you enjoyed the read.

2 Responses to Six Weeks To OMG

  1. Ida Amegbey April 24, 2012 at 8:50 pm #

    “Seeing fast weight loss results is all well and good if they were achieved through healthy eating and exercise, because it has a better chance of staying off and for the individual to adapt this principal as a way of live.”

    If you’ve read the book cover to cover you would realise that the weight loss results ARE being achieved with healthy eating and exercise, there are whole chapters on it, and the six week program is there to boost your weightless and improve fitness and help you understand food and you’re body helping you to make better decisions AFTER the six weeks. Your encouraged to eat breakfast later not skip it, and yes cold baths aren’t exactly the most enjoyable thing to do but you’re not forced to follow any part of the plan you’re not willing to, you can pick and mix or do them all and achieve maximum results.

    • Melanie April 25, 2012 at 1:05 pm #

      Thanks for your comment, it gives me a better understanding of what the book is about. I haven’t read the book cover to cover and maybe I was a little harsh, I hate faddy diets that tries to exploit desperate people trying to lose weight. I wasn’t directly labeling this book as a faddy diet as I knew very little about it, It was more of a take caution statement than anything at all .

      If the book is what you say it is then maybe its not such a bad diet to consider. And thanks again for your great feedback.

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