Is Depression Linked To Fast Food?

Is Depression Linked To Fast Food?

We all know that consuming fast food is no good for our health, but now that fast food has been linked to depression its even more reason to stay clear of the stuff. For some of us food can become our friend when things get hard.

You can get trapped with food, you eat to make yourself feel better, but as you see the pounds piling on you start to feel depress, which then lead to more eating. Soon it becomes a vicious cycle. In most instances the type of food we turn to is fast food, and with recent studies linking fast food to depression its no surprise that this cycle continues.

According to the study carried out by lead author Almudena Sanchez-Villegas it was observed that the more fast foods you eat your chances of depression is greater.

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Fast Food Linking To Depression: The Study

fast food

Fast Food

“Even eating small quantities is linked to a significantly higher chance of developing depression,” Sanches-Vellegas said.

The study sample belonged to the SUN Project (University of Navarra Diet and Lifestyle Tracking Program). It consisted of 8,964 participants that had never been diagnosed with depression or taken antidepressants.

They were assessed for an average of six months, and 493 were diagnosed with depression or started to take antidepressants.

This new data supports the results of the SUN project in 2011, which were published in the PLoS One journal.

The project recorded 657 new cases of depression out of the 12,059 people analysed over more than six months. A 42 percent increase in the risk associated with fast food was found, which is lower than that found in the current study.

Sanchez-Villegas concludes, “although more studies are necessary, the intake of this type of food should be controlled because of its implications on both health (obesity, cardiovascular diseases) and mental well-being.” You can read the full and original article here.

I was a sucker for fast food, but recently have noticed that whenever I stray from healthy eating for rubbish food, I feel heavy, bloated not wanting to do anything for the rest of the day and just craving even more rubbish. I have also noticed that if I have an unhealthy take-away in the evening I always wake in the morning with a bad taste in my mouth.

There is no need for us to eat unhealthy fast foods; with a little effort we can transform the junk into a healthy meal with half the calories. Nothing beats a homemade burger and fries.

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