How To Use Pinterest To Create Your Own Healthy Eating Plan

How To Use Pinterest To Create Your Own Healthy Eating Plan

It’s probably obvious to those of you who follow me, that besides being fixed on losing weight and fitting into that size 12 dress by the end of 2012, I’m also bit of an Internet buff. So when I saw this article on how to use Pinterest to create your own healthy eating plan, I thought yes, that would be perfect for me and you too. After all you’re reading this article on how to create your own healthy eating plan and… Yeah, you’re reading it on the Internet.

I won’t ramble on any longer, Instead I will let Haely White from Time Techland tell you…

How You Can Start Using Pinterest To Create Your Own Healthy Eating Plan

Meet Pinterest

Pinterest has emerged as the go-to place to visually share what you love via online pinboards. In fact, it’s now the third most visited website in the United States. On Pinterest, you can virtually “pin” a photo that leads to a link anywhere on the web.

As the number of users grows, so does the content. By pinning between friends (repinning) or pinning links from a favorite site, you control what you want to be saved. Think of Pinterest as a online poster board covered in clippings of photos; as you click on each photo, you’re taken to the associated web link.

Because of the way it’s set up, we’ve found Pinterest to be an ideal tool for planning and organizing your weekly recipes all in one place. It just takes a few minutes to set up, and off you go.

It really is that simple to set up, but be warned it is really addictive too. It works perfectly as a tool to organize your healthy recipes and because it’s all about images, once you have your recipes organized all you need to do is click the image, and it takes you directly to the web page with the recipe. If you’re a visual type of person like me, you’ll love Pinterest.

Ideas For Organizing Your Meals On Pinterest

Now that you’ve found some great recipes, it’s time to get organized. Try out our ideas to help you organize your new mouth-watering faves.

  • Stay on track with your diet by keeping a board for each day of the week. For example, on Monday’s board, you could list a morning smoothie recipe, lunch, snack, and dinner. Create your entire meal plan day by day, eliminating the need for a quick Taco Bell run.
  • You can also categorize recipes by diet preference. Maybe you’re a vegetarian, but you also like to incorporate dishes with no carbs. Set up a board for each preference, so when you’re craving something in particular, you can get exactly what you need.
  • If you cook for guests and love to entertain, make a different board for eating within each season. Begin with a few dishes on the board for summer barbecues, or create a winter stew board. You could also do the same for meals for specific holidays, such as a Thanksgiving board or a holiday dinner board — the choice is up to you. Original article posted here.

Now you know how to use Pinterest to create your own healthy eating plan, what are you waiting for. Guys it’s a really fun and easy way to organize your meals, I only started using Pinterest a few days ago, and couldn’t believe how easy it was to use. You can check my Pinterest board out here to see what I’ve done.

One last thing Pinterest is an Invite only Network, you can request an invite, but it could take a while. If you want to get set up sooner send me your primary email address in the contact form here, and I’ll send you an invite.

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