How To Lose Weight While Watching TV

How To Lose Weight While Watching TV

I do love my soaps, I actually get quite annoyed when they push EastEnders aside for something like the Football… Sad I know, but most evenings I just like to chill for an hour or so and do nothing but watch a bit of telly. To be quite fair though, I think I watch very little TV compared to most people, still I sit on my butt a lot with my laptop on my lap. If you enjoy watching a lot of TV, you might want to continue reading, as you’re about to discover how to lose weight while watching TV.

Below are some expert tips taken from The Cosmopolitan that will have you burning those calories, even when you’re watching TV.

Here’s How To Lose Weight While Watching TV

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1. Jump rope for two-minute intervals. Repeat four times. (111 calories)

2. Run up and down the stairs of your apartment building or house during a commercial break. (42 calories)

3. Stand in front of your couch, squat until your butt is just above the seat cushions, and hold that position for one minute. Repeat four times. (80 calories)

4. Lie down on the floor on your side and do leg lifts for five minutes. (50 calories)

5. Do arm circles for one minute. Repeat two more times. (20 calories)

6. Sprint to the bathroom, hover over the toilet seat while you pee, and sprint back. (30 calories)

7. Grab three-pound weights or two soup cans and do one minute each of lifting for your triceps (put your hands behind your head, with your elbows at your ears and lift the weight up and down). Do three sets. (17 calories) Get even more tips here.

Now you have a few little tricks up your sleeve on how to lose weight while watching TV, so no more excuses. No more saying “my favourite show is on tonight, so I’ll skip the workout DVD until tomorrow night”, now you have a few simple workout routines that you can do while watching TV, or during the commercial breaks.

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