How To Eat Less Junk Food By Focusing More On It

How To Eat Less Junk Food By Focusing More On It

We all know that if we eat less off the junk and snack foods’ we’ll be a lot healthier and slimmer, right? Okay so if you know this, then what’s the problem? Let me guess you don’t have the willpower – am I right? When you’re so hungry and the closest food source is a fast food outlet, the temptation is so difficult to resist, you end up pushing willpower out the door and inviting burger and fries in.

I know, we all end up in that place sometimes, no matter how much we want to lose weight, willpower seems to lose it’s power when we need it most. But are we relying too much on willpower, you see for many of us we believe that willpower is the only force we have that can help us eat less of the unhealthy foods, and that some people have more willpower than others.

If you feel that what I have said so far resembles a familiar pattern in your life, you’ll be glad to hear that a new study is saying that there is something else you can use other than willpower, to control your appetite for the junky fattening foods. Yes that’s right, you can actually eat less by being satisfied sooner, just by being more aware of what you’re eating.

Simply by being more conscious of the unhealthy food that passes your lips and not just scuffing the food down mindlessly, will increase your level of satisfactory and result in you eating less.

You can learn more on this latest study by reading blog post recently published on Miami NewTimes. Just click the link below…


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