How Stress Stores Fat

How Stress Stores Fat

Yes that’s right! Believe it or not but stress stores fat. When we want to lose weight and get fit, the two primary factors we concentrate on are our diet and exercise. If we want to be successful in our efforts and reach our goal, we need to find balance in our life and deal better with our affairs, so we can keep our stress levels down.

Stress releases hormones and those hormones store fat around your bottom abs, it’s kind of a survival thing.

There are a number of things that could cause stress in your life, being late for work, not getting enough sleep. To get a better understanding watch the video below, Sean Lerwill explains it perfectly.

I recommend you watch the whole video, it hold a lot of great nuggets. But if you’re just interested in the part about how stress stores fat, forward the video to around 3:50 mins.

How Stress Stores Fat Around Your Bottom Abs

As you can see from this video, it’s really important to reduce your stress levels, or you’re just going to keep spinning your wheels.

Start recognising what it is that causes stress in your life, then start making changes to eliminate that stress. I don’t think I get enough sleep… No actually I know I don’t get enough sleep, so starting tonight I’m going to bed at least an hour earlier.

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