How Dannii Dropped 98lbs After A health Scare And Regained Her Life

How Dannii Dropped 98lbs After A health Scare And Regained Her Life

Realizing you can’t fit into your favourite jeans anymore, looking at your holiday pics in shock because of your size, being told that “we don’t make this dress in your size”, are just some of the triggers that set many of us on the path to lose weight, on the path for a healthier, happier life.

For Dannii, it was her health, her unhealthy lifestyle was putting her life at risk, she was literally eating herself into an early grave. But she took hold of the reins and turned her life around, but for Dannii it didn’t stop there, knowing what she did for her own health, she was now armed with the knowledge to reach out and help others in a similar situation.

Dannii has dedicated a huge part of her life helping, advising and supporting others who wish to lose weight and live a better life. I find her to be an inspiration, and above all a person with a really big heart.

I asked Dannii to share her story with us, below are the answers she gave to the questions I asked, and of course she gave some helpful tips too…

Dannii’s Before & After

What triggered you to lose weight?
At the end of 2008 I had a health scare that gave me the kick I needed to lose weight. I was having heart problems that meant I could not breathe properly and my heart was skipping beats. I was told that my weight was not making it any better and hearing that and knowing that I was killing myself with what I was eating was really scary. I promised myself then that I would actually lose weight this time. I would ditch the diet mentality that I had for so many years before and just eat better and move more – no fad diets.

What was your starting weight?
At my heaviest I was 231lbs.

What was a typical days food intake for you, before swapping for healthy choices?
Before I lost weight, I would normally skip breakfast. If I did eat breakfast it would have been sugary cereal or a stack of white bread covered in chocolate spread. I would then start snacking on crisps, chocolate and biscuits until lunch, which would be a microwave meal with fries, or a baked potato covered in cheese.

The snacking would then continue until dinner, which was anything that I could just throw in the oven. Processed burgers or chicken nuggets with piles of potatoes, or enough pasta for 4 people. I would have some kind of cake for dessert and then more snacking until I went to sleep. All of this was washed down with sugary drinks all day.

What tips you would give to anyone struggling to lose weight?
These are my tips for someone just starting out:

And of course how much weight have you lost to date, and how it has changed your life?
I have lost 98lbs and kept it off for nearly 2 years. As well as now being so much healthier, I am happy. I have found a balance where I am fit and healthy, but I can still enjoy the foods I like and still have a bottle of wine with friends. I am much more at peace with my own body and I appreciate it for all that it can do. I don’t focus on the negatives and I am always finding the good in things – even if they are a little difficult to see at times.

If you have been inspired by Dannii’s story, and would like to learn more about her and how she can help you, why not visit her website at where she provides general tips on losing weight and getting healthy, along with some fabulous looking recipes, or you can connect with her on Facebook here.

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