Four Minute Workout That Gets Results

Four Minute Workout That Gets Results

Did you know that the Government’s recommendations for exercise each week should total 2.5 hours? Broken down over the course of the week we should be aiming for a half hour each day with a 2 day rest. Fitting exercise into our already busy lifestyles can be hard so when you hear about a four minute workout that gets results you no doubt want to learn more, well I did.

The 4 minute workout that gets results is also known as high-intensity training (HIT), it’s designed to burn fat twice as fast compared to a regular gym session. This form of training became popular in the 1970 by Arthur Jones the exercise should be infrequent, brief and intense.

As written by Alison Tyler in the Daily Mail

Miracle Four Minute Workout That Gets Results

In short, HIT burns fat fast and causes your body to continue burning fat for hours after you’ve worked out. One form of HIT was developed in the Nineties by Dr Izumi Tabata, a former researcher at the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo.

Four minutes should be quite easy for most of us to fit into our busy lifestyles if it’s going to get results right? And then you start to question yourself what exactly do you have to do.

‘Tabata’ four minute workout – eight 20 second bursts of intense activity with a rest of 10 seconds in between which totals less than 4 minutes in total.

Four Minute Workout Video


Alison Tyler from the Daily Mail decided to try the workout for 2 weeks and this is what she reported.

Alison Tyler’s 4 minute workout results

I quickly started to notice the benefits: I slept better and felt more alert during the day, and because the routine was so short, I could easily fit it in. And I noticed Tabata didn’t fuel my appetite like swimming or running. As you progress, the training gets harder. Weights are added and in my second week, I was sprinting up hills instead of on the flat. Every workout was agonising and brutal.
At the end of two weeks, my arms were better defined, my chest looked and felt more taut, and my legs felt toned. I haven’t lost my muffin top but I’ve shed 2lb and 2 ½cm from around my waist. Tabata is the hardest workout I’ve tried, but it was worth every excruciating second. Finding an hour to exercise is a chore, but everybody can find a few minutes — and everybody should. You can read Alison Tyler’s full story here

What we all look for in a workout is results, if your getting results it spurs you on to keep going. Over the years I have tried many forms of exercise and until very recent came across a workout dvd that has really put me through the paces.

Exercise should definitely be part of your day whether it’s a gentle stroll in the park, a refreshing swim or something more intense like the 4 minute workout.

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