Exercise Less For More Weight Loss

Exercise Less For More Weight Loss

You probably think the more you exercise the more weight you’re going to lose right, I mean after all that’s the common believe, we’ve been thought this for years. In theory this makes logical sense, but until it’s been tested, it’s only that – theory, and tested it has and there seem to be a flaw in that theory.

Apparently a recent study carried out in the University Of Copenhagen, is saying that you are better of doing only 30 mins of exercise instead 60 mins, to get better weight loss results. Now I don’t know about you, but that comes as a delightful surprise for me.

I mean, what would you rather do, 30 or 60 mins of workout, do you think it would be easier for you to get motivated and do 30 mins of exercise, knowing you’ll get decent results? Yep, that’s what I thought.

Anyway you can find out more on this wonderful study by reading the few paragraphs below, taken from The Telegraph.

Better Weight Loss Results By Doing Less Exercise

Researchers concluded that 30 minutes of daily training was as “equally effective” at shedding the pounds as 60 minutes worth of sweating.

The University of Copenhagen study concluded that sweating for half the time was “enough to turn the tide” for obesity.

The research, published in the American Journal of Physiology, found those who ran, rowed, or cycled for 30 minutes a day lost an average 8lb over a three month period.

In comparison, men who pushed their daily training routine out for an hour lost two pounds less.

Mads Rosenkilde, who led the study, said: “Training is fantastic for your physical and mental health. The problem is that it takes time.”

In their study researchers followed the progress of 60 Danish men, considered “heavy but healthy” but who wanted to get fit and in “better shape” over three months.

Half of the men were asked to exercise for an hour a day, wearing a heart-rate monitor and calorie counter, while the second group only had to sweat it out for 30 minutes.

His team concluded that just “30 minutes of exercise hard enough to produce a sweat was enough to turn the tide on an unhealthy body mass index”.

“The participants in our study trained every day for three months,” said Mr Rosenkilde, a PhD student from the department of biomedical sciences.

“All training sessions were planned to produce a light sweat, but participants were expected to increase the intensity and give it gas three times a week. Get the full scoop on the study here.

Okay, you’re probably saying that this study was carried out on men, and you’re most likely a women and thinking the results would be different for you, and yes you might be right, Mr Rosenkilde admits this too.

If you aren’t exercising now, then doing 30 mins is better than doing nothing, if you are doing 1hr or more exercise sessions then why not try reducing the time and see if it makes a difference, you might be glad that you do.

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