Eat Healthy For Beautiful Skin And Hair

Eat Healthy For Beautiful Skin And Hair

I rant on a lot about adopting a healthy eating regime to lose weight, not only because I believe it’s the most sensible approach to weight lost, meaning faddy diets are only quick fixes and not a long term solution. Once you learn and enjoy healthy eating it becomes part of your lifestyle and therefore the weight you lose has a higher chance of staying off, yes it might take longer than some faddy diet pill, but you’re in it for the long term right!

Choosing to eat healthy has other benefits too, like improving the health of your skin and hair. The Mirror published an excellent article covering the foods that you should include in your diet to remedy thinning hair and flaky skin, and foods you should cut down on.

Eat More Of These And Less Of These Foods For Healthy Looking Skin And Hair

Thinning hair?

  • Probably not eating enough…

Iron : “Research shows that women with thinning hair often have significantly lower stores of this vital mineral,” says nutritionist Linda Foster.

Which means you should tuck in to more lean red meat, lentils, dried apricots and leafy green veg – all great sources of iron.

Protein : Not getting enough protein can be another reason for thinning locks.

“Hair is made up of protein, so it’s important to increase your intake of meat, fish and eggs,” says hair and scalp expert Philip Kingsley.

  • Cut down on Crash dieting. “A sudden drop in calories can make the growing phase of the hair cycle stop too soon, which can lead to hair loss,” warns Linda.
  • Fix it food Spaghetti bolognese, made with half lean mince and a can of lentils.


Flaky skin?

  • Probably not eating enough…

Essential fats “To be in tiptop condition, skin requires fat, in particular the essential omega 3 and omega 6 fats,” says Linda. “Dry, itchy skin can be a sign you’re not getting enough.”

These nutrients are called ‘essential’ because the body can’t make them – you have to get them in your diet – and the very best way to boost your intake is to eat more nuts, seeds and oily fish.

Zinc “One of the clinical signs of zinc deficiency is dry, flaky skin,” says Linda. So eat more wholemeal bread, lean red meat, seafood, fortified cereals, baked beans, spinach and pumpkin seeds.

  • Cut down on Fast foods. “Processed food with lots of additives, such as colourings, can sometimes cause skin allergies and dryness in susceptible people,” says Linda. “Try keeping a food diary of what you eat and any worsening of symptoms to identify the causes.”
  • Fix it food Salmon cooked with almonds and served with a helping of steamed spinach. Get more healthy eating benefits here.


So there you go, eating healthy for beautiful skin and hair. When I started my weight loss journey, I wanted to get in shape mainly because I wanted to improve my health so I can be a more energetic mum for my two baby girls, and I can safely say my efforts are paying off.

As for my skin, I’m living proof that healthy eating is a sure remedy for flaky skin. I suffered badly with my skin especially my hands, but since I’ve been taking more note of what I eat, ensuring that I consume a well balanced diet, my hands are now flake free.

Have you had a similar experience since eating healthier? Is your skin and hair looking healthier? Do share your experience in the section below, and giving this article a “Like” lets me know if you found it useful or not.

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