Does Cutting Food In Smaller Pieces Help You Lose Weight?

Does Cutting Food In Smaller Pieces Help You Lose Weight?

Obviously one of the main reasons for weight gain is eating too much of the wrong food or eating too much of any food, harsh but true. Too much is simply that… Too much! So with this in mind, it would make sense to eat less, wouldn’t it? This is commonsense, you know this, I know this, the problem is it’s a lot easier said than done.

So, will cutting your food in smaller pieces help you lose weight, well I’m not sure if this technique alone will give you the dream body you always wanted, but it should see you eating less, well according to some scientist over in the US anyway.

Here’s part of what was published on the Mail Online.

Cutting Your Food In Smaller Pieces Can Help You Lose Weight

If you can’t resist eating an entire bar of chocolate in one go, the solution could be simple.

Unwrap it and break it into all of its individual chunks before tucking in.

Research shows that people eat less when presented with several small pieces of food rather than one large one – even when the two contain the same number of calories.

It isn’t entirely clear why this is so, but scientists believe it could be down to an optical illusion, with the brain and belly fooled into thinking that a bar of chocolate broken into pieces is bigger than one that remains whole.

Similarly, a muffin may suddenly seem more filling if cut into quarters before taking a bite. Read the full article here.

Will cutting your food into smaller pieces help you lose weight or should I say make you eat less? I don’t know, if you are curious and would like to know if this works or not, you’re going to have to try it. Will I give it a go? Sure, why not, what have I got to lose other than my weight.

So next time before eating that chocolate bar, break it into chunks and see what happens.

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