Can You Train Your Brain To Lose Weight?

Can You Train Your Brain To Lose Weight?

Very Interesting question, can you train your brain to lose weight? Wouldn’t that make life so much easier when it comes to dieting? When trying to lose weight we know that it’s never a smooth flowing journey, there are so many hiccups along the way.

But not to worry, according to Eileen Daspin, “The Manhattan Diet” author, it is possible to train the brain to make losing weight that little bit easier.

Taken from the Mail Online and written by Ailsa Leslie this is what Daspin had to say on the topic

Training Your Brain To Lose Weight

Train Your Brain To Lose WeightEileen Daspin, author of The Manhattan Diet, says: ‘Dieting takes mental power, not just willpower. Runners train for a marathon. Yet when it comes to dieting, people just start. Don’t do this.’

Her advice is to prepare yourself in the same way a sportsperson would train physically and mentally to undergo a gruelling event — by training your brain to give up your favourite foods.

Daspin says that before you even attempt to tackle a diet, you should pscyhe yourself up for three weeks beforehand by focusing on removing one treat at a time.

Scientists say it takes 21 days to break a habit, so take this time to get yourself ready and give yourself a higher chance of success.

To start this process, define your ‘trigger foods’ — the unhealthy snacks you just can’t seem to walk away from. Eileen says: ‘When you have isolated one food, make a commitment not to eat it for ten days. If you can go without for that time, you can go for another ten. And another. By then you’ll have broken the cycle. You might eat the food again, but the craving will be gone.’

Then, when the proper diet starts, you’ll find it a lot easier.  Original story posted here.

This makes a lot of sense, although if you have thought about wanting to lose weight for quite a while and you have psyched yourself up for it and feels proper motivated then I can’t see you failing much either.

I believe that if you have decided on really wanting to lose the pounds and you have mentally prepared yourself then your not really going to let anything stand in your way.

Also it comes down to the type of diet that you choose to follow. If you choose to follow a sensible eating plan that includes all food groups with healthy snacks and the odd treat, there is no way that you can really fail. However if you’re following a faddy diet where certain foods are restricted, chances are you will fail. One of the reasons why most diets fail, you ban a certain food and all you can do is think and crave that food, this is a diet planned for failure.

Using some of the tips above coupled with a sensible eating plan your are well and truly on your way to successful weight loss, you can train your brain to lose weight by educating it with sensible healthy eating habits.

I think Eileen is quite right when she says that most people who start dieting aren’t mentally ready. I hear it all the time “I start dieting and then fall off the wagon, I just can’t get any momentum”. I myself failed at dieting for years because I think I wasn’t in the right frame of mind.

Looking through Eileen’s book The Manhattan Diet on Amazon and reading the reviews, I think her book could really help you if you’re struggling to even get started with a diet, It could help you develop the right mindset and give you some focus.

You can buy The Manhattan Diet here.

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