Can You Eat Sugar And Still Lose Weight?

Can You Eat Sugar And Still Lose Weight?

Sugar, it’s so good and so bad! What is a sweet treat without it, we crave the stuff, we love it so much we reinvented it, and try to replace it with artificial alternatives, but who are we kidding, not ourselves, those fake sugars doesn’t come nowhere near the real deal. We eat it when we’re feeling low, we eat it when we’re feeling high and then feel guiltily satisfied after.

But can you eat sugar and still lose weight? That’s the big question we’re going to tackle today. First and foremost let me explain how I have always felt about sugar, it’s empty calories, it doesn’t fill you up, you go through calories like they’re going out of style, and nutritional benefits are, well you might as well say zero. With that said though, the temptation is still hard to resist.

But now a new study is saying you don’t have to resist completely, you can still eat sugar and lose weight as long as you reduce the calories of your overall diet. To learn more about the details and the findings of this study, read the extract below taken from

Study Reveals You Can Still Eat Sugar And Lose Weight

Researchers, studying the effects of corn syrup and sugar, recently looked at the elements that can influence an individual’s diet.

The new study discovered that sugar and high fructose syrup perform as well as a reduced calorie diet. The researchers stated that, if an individual’s overall caloric intake is decreased, then the individual should lose weight while consuming the same amounts of sugar or high fructose corn syrup.

The research project was conducted by Dr. James R. Rippe, a cardiologist who has studied nutrition and weight management. He is the founder and current director of the Rippe Lifestyle Institute as well as a professor of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Central Florida. Rippe is also an adviser to organizations in the food and beverage industry like the Corn Refiners Association, which funded this particular study.

“Our research debunks the vilification of high fructose corn syrup in the diet,” explained Rippe, one of the study authors, in a prepared statement. “The results show that equally reduced-calorie diets caused similar weight loss regardless of the type or amount of added sugars. This lends further support to findings by our research group and others that table sugar and HFCS are metabolically equivalent.”

The scientists believe that the study’s results should be a relief to those who are interested in losing weight or for those who are concerned about eating sugars that are added to particular foods and beverages. The group looked at sweeteners that are consumed by people as well as the level at which they are consumed by people living in the U.S. Read the full and original article here.

So you can’t leave here and start eating all the sugar packed food you want, because that would just send you’re calorie intake through the roof, and I wouldn’t recommend you do that. At the end of the day I think you’re smart enough to realise it’s all about moderation. A few blocks of chocolate or enjoying a cup of tea a day with sugar is not going to jeopardise your weight loss, as long as you don’t go over your calorie intake.

Still with that said, I think if you can comfortably remove sugar from your diet, that wouldn’t do any harm either because sugar doesn’t provide you with any real health benefits, and if you find it a struggle to eliminate sugar entirely from diet, now you know you don’t have to.

What is your view on sugar, do you love it or hate it? Please share below, and if you liked the article then, well, why not give it a “Like”.


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