Can Red Wine Really Help You Lose Weight?

Can Red Wine Really Help You Lose Weight?

You so often hear that a glass of red wine once in a while is good for your health, it helps you live longer, increases your good (HDL) cholesterol, and a recent study showed that the antioxidants in red wine feeds some good bacteria in your digestive track, which in turn contributes to good health and possibly making you leaner too.

But now they are saying that drinking red wine can actually help you lose weight. Wow, now you and I know that wine or any alcohol beverage for that matter holds a lot of calories, and we both know what a lot of calories mean, yep that’s right, weight gained if not burned.

So how can this new study justify telling us that drinking red wine can help us lose weight? Okay are you ready for this, they have only gone and tested this on bees, yes you heard me right “bees”.

Here’s part of what was reported on The Telegraph

Bee Study Reports That Red Wine Can Help You Lose Weight

Researchers found that when bees were fed resveratrol, a compound found in red wine, they ate less food afterwards.

While bees normally gorge themselves on sugary foods when they are freely available, those which had been fed resveratrol chose to stop eating once they had taken on enough to meet their energy needs.

They also became uninterested in diluted sugar solutions, suggesting they had become less sensitive to it, the scientists reported in the Aging journal. Full article here.

First of all I can’t even imagine how they decided to do this experiment on bees. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy reading and writing about these studies, but it seems like a new study of some kind related to weight loss is reported almost daily, and then I have to ask the question, are there so many studies being carried out, just to justify funding. I mean there are a lot of them and some can be quite bizarre.

Next I have to question the obvious… “But I’m not a bee” my biological structure is far different of that of a bee, I mean will red wine have the same affect on me? Now I don’t mean to pick holes in this study, but personally when I drink alcohol, I eat and I eat a lot.

Look my advice (and you don’t have to take it) is to wait until this theory has been tested and proven to have the same effect on us humans, before you go celebrating with a bottle of your favourite red. But trust me I’m sitting here fingers cross, hoping this will be the case, but right now I’m finding it a little bit difficult to swallow.

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