Brides Pile The Pounds Back On After Losing 4 Stone Or More

Brides Pile The Pounds Back On After Losing 4 Stone Or More

It has to be perfect, the perfect venue, the perfect dress, the perfect cake, are we forgetting anything? Oh yeah the perfect bride, after all when the wedding bells are ringing and she’s walking down the aisle, all eyes will be fixed on her and to create that perfect picture we need to have a perfect bride, so she need to lose a few pound and she needs to lose it soon, because the wedding day is approaching fast, and now the pressure is on.

So what does she do? She does whatever it takes, making her venerable and prime prey for the faddy diet industry. She believes, she wants to believe, it has to be true, those ads that say… Take this pill, drink this shake, do this diet, and you’ll see the pounds fall off in a couple of weeks. I mean look at all the proof they have; all those happy thin people on their websites can’t be lying, can they?

So what happens? She looses the weight, it’s a miracle, she’s managed to stave herself thin in only a couple of weeks by depriving herself off vital nutrients, she did it, she confused her biological state to the point where it just gave up. The perfect picture is captured and off she goes on her honeymoon, and then it all goes terribly wrong.

This is a familiar story for many brides, to understand the weight loss and weight gain habits many brides fall victim to, here are some alarming facts taken from the Mail Online.

Brides Lose 4 Stone Or More Only To Pile It Back On Again

According to new research by XLS-Medical , over five million women in the UK lose weight before they walk down the aisle, with more than one in 10 losing a massive four stone or more.

Yet despite all the effort that goes into slimming down in time for the wedding bells, 57% of women undo all their hard work by gaining weight on their honeymoon and beyond, with over a quarter gaining at least half a stone.

Dr Matt Capehorn, Clinical Director at the National Obesity Forum, said: ‘Drastic and rapid weight loss for a particular event or occasion, such as a wedding, is not advisable for a number of reasons.

‘You should be aiming for steady weight loss, as a result of sensible dietary and lifestyle change, that promotes sustainable weight loss and health benefits. Any variation from this should only be on the advice of a clinician.

Rapid weight loss, especially if done without support, is likely to result in weight regain. Undertaking a healthy eating and exercise plan with a realistic goal in mind will ensure dieters are not only looking good but feeling great for their wedding day and beyond.’ Full article and wedding diet tips published here.

It’s so sad that these brides put so much effort into losing weight in order to create the perfect day, and then right after have a feeling of disappointment, because of the weight they gain back on.

The problem with this is, gaining weight after having such a big lost, so fast can be depressing, not a great way to start your marriage life.
If you’re getting married and planning on rapidly losing weight just before your big day, I would say think twice, do you want just one day of happiness or a lifetime.

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