Betrayal, Depression and Cancer - Still Julie Mann Managed To Lose 6 Stone

Betrayal, Depression and Cancer – Still Julie Mann Managed To Lose 6 Stone

Some people are just amazing, no matter how hard things get, no matter how much pain and disappointment they are subjected to, no matter what difficulties life throws at them, they always continue the fight to improve their life, their health and their happiness, and they never stop loving and caring for those who mean so much to them. They just simply never give up on themselves or anyone else.

One such amazing human being is Julie Mann. When Julie shared her story with me, I welled up with emotions, her story made me felt sad to hear what she had been through, proud to hear how she overcome her struggle and happy to know that people like her do exist.

Here’s Julie’s story in her own words…

Julie Mann before and after losing 6 stone

Julie Mann:  My story is about betrayal, where my partner with whom I had 5 kids with left me for my best pal, which was also his brothers wife.

It all then started to go down hill from there; depression set in and bringing up 5 kids by myself I just ate and ate.  Just as I was getting my life back on track with a new man in my life I was dealt with the blow of having breast cancer.  Because breast cancer didn’t run in my family they put it down to obesity.  I was DEVASTATED!!  And to top it off I had been living with it for 8 months before I went to see the doc.  It wasn’t a regular lump but it was on the skin, which I thought was nothing more than fatty tissue with being big.

They didn’t want to operate but because it had spread to my lymph nodes it had to be done, I had to have 26 of them taken out.  6 months of chemo then followed, this was not good for my weight, it was horrendous. The need for steroids was sky rocketing my weight,  and that wasn’t the end of it cos I then had to have 5 weeks everyday of radiotherapy where I then ended up in hospital with septicaemia. If you‘d seen me you would have thought someone had poured boiling fat over me, its was just plain awful.

It was for the sake of my kids I pulled myself threw it, not taking any chances I even planned my funeral and thought about who would take care of my kids.  I then lost my hair, and everything else to go with it but you know what…I got through it.

Last January 2011, at my heaviest and not being able to do much for myself I joined Slimming World, in the beginning the weight just dropped off but this year I’ve struggled.  Its been so hard at times were I felt like crying, my weight was up and down staying the same putting nearly a stone back on, then I had to have a hysterectomy.  I was getting sick of my life but I NEVER gave up I  am now on a roll and about to reach my 4.5 stone loss with Slimming World.

My oncologist is amazed at me, and the fact I’m still here and in remission next year, and best of all 6 stone lighter having lost a 1.5 stone before joining SW.

I live my life for my kids my grand kids and my wonderful partner who has been with me through it all.  So whatever life throws at you don’t give up keep going 🙂

Julie’s story is surely one to be inspired by. If you have a story you would like to share, please submit it here.

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