Are Healthy Drinks Good For Your Health?

Are Healthy Drinks Good For Your Health?

With the growing trend in the health food marketplace, one would assume that buying a healthy drink would be a good thing. But how much do we really know about these healthy drinks and are they good for your health?

When dieting we consciously make the decision to have a diet drink. Diet drinks are made with artificial sweeteners, is this the best alternative to a regular soft drink? When trying to lose weight choosing drinks like fresh fruit juice and smoothies would seem like a sensible decision but are they the right choice?

In a recent study conducted at Glasgow University the results on so-called healthy drinks were rather surprising taken, from ZeeNews.Com here is an extract

Are Healthy Drinks Good For Your Health Or Not

Are Healthy Drinks Good For Your Health

Orange Juice

A team at Glasgow University has based its findings on a survey in which it asked more than 2,000 people in the UK to estimate how much sugar was in a range of drinks, the `Daily Mail` reported.

While many overestimated the amount of sugar in fizzy beverages, they underestimated levels in smoothies and fruit juices. The researchers also found that soft drinks account for a large chunk of their recommended calorie intake.

The participants were asked to guess number of teaspoons of sugar in a range of popular drinks. They underestimated it for pure apple juice and orange juice, a caffeinated energy drink and a smoothie by between two and four teaspoons.

And for a pomegranate-based drink, they underestimated the sugar content by nearly 18 teaspoons.

The survey suggests the average person in the UK consumes 3,144 calories a week through non-alcoholic liquid intake — this adds around 450 calories a day to one`s diets. Original article posted here.

Branding a product as healthy does not always mean that they are healthy, as we can see from the findings above.

Eating a piece of fruit will keep you feeling fuller for longer as the body need to break it down and digest it, but when the fruit is blended down into smoothies it does take the body long to digest and also more natural sugars are released, adding up the calories.

Flavoured waters, another product to watch out for, you would think it can’t be that much different to regular water but be warned many brands comes with unwanted calories.

Nothing beats good old fashion water, it can be boring at times but to liven it up add a slice of lemon or lime, you will be safe knowing that this is one healthy drink that is good for your health.

Do you enjoy a drink that you know is healthy and would like to share with us, then please comment in the section below, and don’t forget a thumbs up is always appreciated.

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