7 Weight Loss Tips For Christmas

7 Weight Loss Tips For Christmas

We’re only still in November, but as usual Christmas is already on the agenda. It’s difficult to turn a corner without bumping into a Christmas tree or being snagged by sparkling tinfoil, every other song on the radio is a festive one. Like it or not, but the country has caught Christmas fever early once again.

Besides giving gifts and spending time with love ones to celebrate the birth of Jesus, we’ll be drinking and eating a lot too. Christmas isn’t Christmas without a feast, it’s the one time of the year when we really go to town, I can almost smell the turkey cooking away in the oven, and the crispy spuds, sauté sprouts and honey glazed carrots, followed by Christmas pudding smothered in brandy butter… Nom nom.

Oh and I can just see the wrappings from the tin of Celebrations piling up, and hear the jingle sound of another empty bottle of wine hitting the recycle bin. Bloated, uncomfortable, happy and at the same time feeling guilty and terrified to even mention the word scales.

Ring any bells (Pun intended :)). Hey it’s Christmas, and no matter what you’re going to enjoy yourself. So stop kidding yourself, there is no way you’re going to eat salad and drink water all day, whilst your family and friends enjoy a full spread feast, it just ain’t gonna happen!

Look, you can still enjoy all the Christmas delights, you just need to eat smart, oh no now I’m starting to sound like some kind of supermarket value brand Mmmm. Anyway, eat smart, what do I mean? Well here’s some smart eating tips for you, taken from the Cosmopolitan.

7 Smart Eating Tips For Christmas

Christmas Cookies

Rise and Shine
Most people blow it at the holidays by not eating breakfast. They assume they’re going to be eating big meals, so they skip. In fact, breakfast gets your metabolism going and keeps it going throughout the day.

Seat Yourself
Where you sit can make a big difference in how you eat at a holiday meal. Snag a VIP seat near the turkey (or protein of choice) and make it the first thing on your plate. If you sit at the end of the table near the mac and cheese, you’ll load your plate with the carbs first!

Drink Up
Look at alcohol as either a component of a meal or as a snack. Substitute your usual snack of pretzels or an energy bar with wine or a shot of vodka.

Chocolate Rain
If you’re cocktailing at a holiday party, don’t snack on carbs like crackers or pretzels. Choose something high in fat like cheese or chocolate (seriously!) and you’ll be more satiated, more likely to eat less and keep your body in fat-burning mode.

Snack Away
Instead of eating one big feast, nibble in between meals and space your eating out over the course of the day. That will keep your body and your metabolism humming.

Water World
Drink as much water as possible during the holidays. People tend to consume more processed food during the holidays, which means more sodium. If you drink water, you’re less likely to hold water.

Take a Walk
Jump start your day with exercise first thing in the morning, even if it’s just a little walk. It will boost your metabolism for the rest of the day. Get even more tips here.

Okay, Okay, I know that last one was not an eating tip, but exercise is important and should not be neglected during Christmas. Overall though I hope you can now see that Christmas doesn’t have to be dull if you’re on a diet, you can still enjoy the festive foods and still be on track to lose weight too, just eat smart 🙂

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