5 Habits That Will Help You Lose Weight

5 Habits That Will Help You Lose Weight

If you knew that by taking a certain action you would lose weight, how often would you do it? You would do it as often as you could right, or at least until you reach your weight loss goal, and because you would do it as often as you could, it would eventually become a habit.

Being a habit means you would carry out these actions subconsciously, willingly and without effort, and you only need to do it enough times before it eventually becomes a habit. Yes I know, it’s easier said than done, but you know what, only you can make these actions become habits, so grind your teeth and plough through them until they do become habits, habits that will have you burning fat.

So if you are ready to create habits in your life that will help you lose weight, then start by routinely applying one or more of the ways below. Kristin Anderson the Founder of MyDailyTrainer.com said that you will see weight loss every time these 5 ways are applied.

Extracted from the Huffington Post.

Apply These 5 Ways Routinely To Lose Weight

1.) Eat half of your dinner and go to bed a little hungry.

2.) Only eat un-processed foods for the whole day. This is actually a tough one, even for me. It’s good to give this one an honest try here and there. The efforts and the results are worth experiencing.

3.) Complete two separate workouts in a day and stretch for 5-10 min after each one. They don’t have to be long workouts; a 25-minute workout with a five-minute stretch will do the trick.

4.) Do not drink your calories, but do have plenty of “non” or low-calorie liquids like water, tea, and green juices (I like to add lemon and ginger to my green juices).

5.) Decide to have a simpler day and focus on your own health. Plan ahead for your eating, exercising and maybe something else for yourself like some extra time to read, get your nails done or buy a new pair of socks and underwear. Try to not over-think it but make sure the day feels like it is skewed toward you.

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I’m sure you have come across these methods of losing weight before, they are nothing new, but you probably aren’t doing them because you see them as too much of an effort, you’re overwhelmed by the thought of doing them for a long period of time.

Instead pick one and think about doing it only for that day, keep the list close by and every so often say “today I’m going to do this” and just do it, always keep in mind every time you carry out one of these methods, you’re losing weight, that will become your motivator, and eventually they will become habits.

For example, I never use to drink nowhere near enough water in the day. A few months back I decided I would drink 2ltrs every day, at first it was an effort, now it’s a habit. I can’t go through the day without drinking at least 2ltrs.

Now I’m planning to apply way number 2 above next week.

I hope this article has been helpful towards your weight loss efforts, now all that is required is for you to take action, don’t think about it to much just go for it.

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